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CES 2018: More AI and smart consumer gadgets

CES 2018 has plenty of great TV's like LG's new 88-inch 8K display but many smart gadgets are centering around your voice.

Hottest 3 Camera Drones every tech geek needs

You know you’ve eyed those camera drones whether it’s been online or at the store. Something about them is just irresistible, and even if you couldn’t come up with a reason to buy one, deep down you knew that someday you’d have to have one.

Lightning strikes out for Apple

Apple’s iPhone has been the star of rumors and speculation in the tech world for years now. What does Apple have in store for the phone every six months? What will be the new features of the iPhone’s next iteration?

Got a Samsung Galaxy Note 7? Here’s what to do with it

Samsung really screwed the pooch on it's Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall causing much confusion among customers. Their failure to coordinate efforts with U.S. safety authorities right away

Apple’s latest gadgets hitting soon: iPhone 7, Airpods, Super Mario Run

Apple fans were naturally excited to check out all the new wares and gadgets that were coming out soon, including the iPhone 7, and the tech company didn't disappoint.

Apple’s $10K Luxury Smart Watch loses its sheen for Series 2

Apple had their huge show and tell on Wednesday letting everyone know what to buy. Apple enthusiasts were naturally excited but while some things were interesting, things like their exclusive luxury Edition smart watch

Apple bringing out new iPhone 7, Smartwatch and listening devices

Every year we know that Apple will unleash either new product or an update and on Wednesday, they are unveiling the latest updates for the iPhone 7, their smartwatch and possibly some new listening gadgets.

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