Lightning strikes out for Apple

lightning strikes out for apple 2017 images

Lightning strikes out for Apple 2017 images

Apple’s iPhone has been the star of rumors and speculation in the tech world for years now. What does Apple have in store for the phone every six months? What will be the new features of the iPhone’s next iteration? For years, the world has waited to see what new innovations the iPhone will be having that would become the new standard for mobile phones. Lately, many see Apple as a stagnating company without its former visionary CEO resulting in the lack of innovations they expect from the company’s flagship product. Instead of innovative features, the world now treats the iPhone as it would a celebrity, following any sort of change in its life. The removal of the headphone jack for the iPhone 7 and the introduction of a dual lens camera for the 7 Plus while not innovative, caused quite a stir. The same thing happened when Apple changed the traditional 30-pin connector to the radical but more convenient Lightning connector on the iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini.

The change from the 30-dock connector was such a big change because it affected many in the tech industry because it suddenly rendered many licensed and unlicensed 3rd party products obsolete or unusable to future Apple products. Imagine the frustration of people a few years back who bought expensive stereos and speakers with 30-pin docks for their iPhones only to find out that they can’t use them for the new iPhone 5. The same thing happened to people who bought new expensive noise-cancelling headphones for their current iPhones then finding out that the new iPhone 7 will be removing the headphone jack. How about stores that use Square payments? Instead of conveniently resting the device at the bottom of the phone to swipe credit cards, the device will dangle like a limp d#%k using the included 3.5mm adapter.

Apple is now rumored to make another big change beginning with the iPhone 8 according to the Wall Street Journal. It won’t be innovative but a shocker nonetheless. Apple will again change the phone’s Lightning connector that interfaces it with other devices. For years since the iPhone 5, the tech companies have come out with devices that include the Lightning connector, and now, they’ll have to consider changing again, or maybe they won’t have to if they already have connectors that work with USB Type C.

Yes. USB Type C. Apple received so much flak for seriously reducing hardware connectivity in the MacBook Pro for having nothing but USB Type-C connectors even forcing users to get adapters to connect iPhones and iPads to the laptop. Those same users will have to get new adapters again if they want to get the upcoming iPhone 8.

Fortunately, 2017 could actually be the year for USB Type-C as more and more devices support the new convenient connector. Even the rebooted Nokia 3310 uses it. It’s surprising that Apple should follow an industry standard when it comes to the iPhone but it should be a welcome change as the new iPhone will be compatible with 3rd party devices that already use Type C. This change will not be as painful as their previous ones as Apple seems to want to be on the consumers’ good side. It certainly won’t be in Apple’s interest to piss anyone off any further with another proprietary connector. There certainly won’t be a shortage of Type C cords and chargers this year and using Type C shouldn’t affect Apple devices in the thin department. Macbook Pro users should be a little gratified for their purchase and buying the laptop should make more sense this year.

apple doing away with lightning back to usb

One problem that will come from the change is for any 3rd party company that produces headphones or headsets with Lightning connectors, but Apple was really pushing for wireless when they removed the headphone jack.

The iPhone 8 will also be making more welcome but non-innovative changes further pushing the envelope on it banking on star status. These changes include having a curved screen like the Samsung Galaxy S7, an OLED display that will enable the phone to be better viewed in direct sunlight and is more power efficient that should prolong the phone’s battery life. Again, something Samsung has used for years. The iPhone 8 will also support wireless charging; something hinted at when Apple joined the Wireless Power Consortium. Also, like Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S8, Apple will completely remove the Home button after years of development and as something users have expected for years.

It won’t be as different as other phones out there it’s still the iPhone, a better one at that.