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mma weekly Junior dos Santos Defeats Ben Rothwell and Frank mir drug test 2016 mma

MMA Weekly: Junior dos Santos defeats Ben Rothwell and Frank Mir...

In the main event, former champion Junior dos Santos used his movement, range, and boxing expertise to repeatedly tag Ben Rothwell over the course of twenty-five minutes, ultimately securing a unanimous decision.
mma fighter joao carvalho dies from fight injuries 2016 images

MMA fighter Joao Carvalho dies from fight injuries

Just as we've been dealing with the NFL considering work injuries on the field, we're reminded how dangerous a sport MMA is as Portuguese fighter Joao Carvalho died three days after suffering injuries from a recent bout in the ring.
Top 5 Most Promising MMA Fighters of 2016 images darrion caldwell

Top 5 Most Promising MMA Fighters of 2016

The byproducts of this new breed of MMA athletes are also plentiful, but in short, a number of exclusively trained prospects are emerging. While these five fighters may not have necessarily gotten their start in such a fashion,
MMA Weekly McGregor Diaz on UFC 200, Cormier injured 2016 images

MMA Weekly: McGregor Diaz on UFC 200, Cormier injured and Rosholt...

Daniel Cormier Injured, Jones to Fight OSP, Conor McGregor - Nate Diaz 2 Announced, David Branch and Jon Fitch Win Big At WSOF 30
mma recap new york legalizes pro mma and mcgregor vs diaz still a rumor 2016 images

MMA Recap: McGregor vs Diaz still a rumor & MMA legal...

Professional MMA contests and events can now be held in the state of New York. The result of exhaustive efforts and quite a bit of time on the part of the UFC has finally become clear in this groundbreaking announcement, which will permanently change the landscape
mma weekly dan hooker takes our mark eddiva 2016 images

MMA Weekly: Dan Hooker takes out Mark Eddiva & Mayhem Miller...

During the preliminary portion of the event, Dan Hooker caught Mark Eddiva in an outstanding guillotine choke just under one and one half minutes into the fight—a submission which was initiated on the feet.
MMA Weekly Gaethje defends title & Chris Lebron's heart ends MMA 2016 images

MMA Weekly: Gaethje defends title & Chris Lebron’s heart ends MMA...

This week in MMA was admittedly a bit slow in terms of news, but WSOF 29 delivered some solid action, and there were still a reasonable number of developments for fans to enjoy.
MMA Weekly Rear naked choke rules 2016 images

MMA Weekly: Rear naked choke rules

UFC 196 will stand as one of the most interesting and upset-heavy pay-per-view shows of all time.
UFC Home of the Upset 2016 images

UFC: Home of the Upset

UFC 196 was full of upsets. Holly Holm dropped her belt to Miesha Tate, while the seemingly untouchable Conor McGregor got choked out by the fearless Nate Diaz.
UFC 196 Women’s Division Aftermath holly holms loss to miesha tate 2016 images

UFC 196 Women’s Division Aftermath: Holly Holm’s Loss to Miesha Tate

If Dana White was disappointed with Ronda Rousey losing to Holly Holm at the end of 2015, this year isn't going much better for the head of the UFC.
mma weekly bisping beats silva & rafael dos anjos injured 2016 images

MMA Weekly: Bisping beats Silva & Rafael dos Anjos injury

This bittersweet week in MMA brought some notable disappointment—mainly in the form of Rafael dos Anjos’s injury. Still, between UFN 84 and Bellator 150, there was quite a bit of action for fans to enjoy
most overrated mma fighters of 2015 & 2016

Most Overated MMA Fighters of 2015 & 2016

As is the case with athletes of every sport, certain fighters of the MMA world have an unprecedented amount of fans and hype behind them. While this hype and support is sometimes justified, certain instances of an overrating