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89th Academy Award ‘Lobster’ love and other surprises

Every year, there's bound to be shocks and happy surprises when the Academy Awards nominations are announced. People will decipher what each nomination means and what each seeming snub reflects about the film or actor.

Mel Gibson back from Hollywood Siberia with Oscar nom

Hollywood is known to be very forgiving when it's stars make mistakes, but Mel Gibson had to work extremely hard to get back into their good graces. Funny enough, it wasn't when he made anti-gay slurs back in late 80's

Hollywood continues its ‘La La Land’ lovefest with 14 Oscar nominations

The 89th Academy Awards surprised everyone on Tuesday morning, and not from the usual shocks and surprises with nominees. It was how they performed the ceremony. Rather than the usual crack of dawn announcements in Los Angeles, ABC aired what seemed more like an infomercial

‘La La Land’ sweeps 89th Oscar nominations plus interesting snubs

As no surprise, "La La Land" swept the 89th Oscar nominations with 14 tying it with "Titanic" and that classic Bette Davis film "All About Eve." Not bad company, and no one will be surprised if it sweeps in wins

Netflix and Amazon looming over Oscar season

Once Netflix started raking in awards for it's original television series, it was obvious that they would start moving into films, and this Oscar season will begin to feel its presence.

Martin Scorsese’s Epic ‘Silence’ Gets Awards-Friendly Release Date

Whenever there’s a Martin Scorsese film hitting the big screen, it’s almost a sure bet that it will get some awards attention that year. But what’s odd about his latest work, the reportedly three-plus-hour Silence

Marvel feels ‘Captain America: Civil War’ is Oscar worthy

Captain America: Civil War Submitted For Awards Consideration by Marvel

Amy Schumer Kelly Clarkson Eat Off & Lady Gaga Tackles Rape

Usually we see celebrities facing off against each other, as they try to post the most glamorous photos of themselves all over their social media pages. From perfect lighting to posing like a supermodel

Heroes & Zeros: Bette Midler vs Stacey Dash

This week’s hero is a divine woman who stands with those making a statement about diversity, and the zero is a woman who continues the to make us all cringe.

Oscar parties made simple for 2017 Academy Awards

The 2016 Academy Awards are here already, but that shouldn't stop you from planning out your 2017 Oscar party as it'll also be here before you know it. This is an exciting night for so many people, and creating something memorable can make it just as memorable for you and your friends.

Academy Awards 2016 ready for Hollywood diversity showdown

The Academy Awards has had even more press than usual this year immediately after the nominations were announced, but much of the spotlight hasn't been really wanted.

Academy Awards: Actors with most Oscar nominations but least wins

The Academy Awards can be a rather fickle thing and many actors have felt that rub. It seems that while some put in the best work of their lives and receive Oscar nomination after nomination, they just can't seem to take it to the finish line.

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