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Oscar parties made simple for 2017 Academy Awards

Oscar parties made simple for 2017 Academy Awards

Oscar parties made simple for 2017 Academy Awards 2016 images

The 2016 Academy Awards are here already, but that shouldn’t stop you from planning out your 2017 Oscar party as it’ll also be here before you know it. This is an exciting night for so many people, and creating something memorable can make it just as memorable for you and your friends.  I don’t know about you, but growing up as a young girl living in Los Angeles, I dreamt about the day I’d grace the Oscar stage to accept my honor for Best Actress.

Today, I have yet to receive that damn Academy Award, but that doesn’t mean I can’t partake in the celebration of cinematic accomplishments on my own. Yes, I throw Oscar parties, and Grammys parties and election night parties. I just love parties!

Because I am a planner at heart and because I like seeing things unfold, creating a truly magical, fun and unforgettable atmosphere for my guests is always my goal. With that, if you are having an Oscars party, there are some neat things you can do to make it one of the best nights of your invitees’ lives; Or at least, one of the best of the year.

So get your acceptance speech ready, because, with these ideas, you will no doubt be a winner.

oscar party ideas


This is an easy one. It can be a color scheme, a movie theme, a genre theme or anything that tickles your fancy. Once you have it, all communications to your guest list should boast it. Naturally, your decorations should reflect your theme on the day of the party too. So if you decide to go Hollywood, a red carpet, golden lanterns and “VIP access” are all fresh ideas.

oscar party gifts


Have your guest dress the part if you want to step it up a notch and then give out awards for different categories. You can have best dressed, sexiest outfit, worst dressed, etc. This is a good time for your friends to get in the spirit. Anything can be fun; it’s all up to you.

oscar party gift bags 2016

Gift Bags

No Oscar party is complete without gift bags. Now, I am not saying spend $100 on each bag (but if you have it by all means, do you boo). The average worth of the gift bags given at the Academy Awards is anywhere between $168,000 to this year’s staggering $200,000. Oh, did I mention that these figures are for EACH bag? Yes, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences knows how to make their guests feel special. Have small, memorable party favors in each bag with some delicious candies or a handwritten note.

oscar party themes



There are many games you can play on Oscar night. Everyone needs a dose of healthy competition in his or her lives. Create a slip with all the categories and nominees on it. Have everyone fill it out either before hand electronically or at the party (before the show starts of course). At the end of the night, the person with the most correct guesses wins a nice prize. Perhaps something that you deem appropriate or a pool of money that everyone puts in to make it all the more interesting.

You can also do short games during commercial breaks by team. Tally the number of wins at the end of the night and have a special team prize.

oscar party food 2016

Food and Drinks

Let’s talk about food and drinks because it really isn’t a party without these two. Your food should definitely reflect your theme. If you chose to go with an elegant, black tie type party, do finger foods like watercress sandwiches with sides of gourmet cheese and crackers. Also, wine and in particular champagne is a must. Be creative here but also keep with the tone of your party.

oscar step and repeat

Step and Repeat

If you want to go all out and impress your friends, get a step and repeat against which they can take pictures. These are always a good idea for any party. It adds a bit of elegance and glam to your festivities.

Spice it up by having props for your guests to play with in front of the camera like sunglasses or leis. People love to take pictures. Offer digital options to be sent it via text or email. You can also feed into our culture’s need for instant gratification and have Polaroid shots.

There are so many more great ideas you can incorporate into your Oscar party. The purpose of the gathering is to give people an experience they’ve never had; to provide them with a break from the mundane. Make your guests feel like the stars they truly are.

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