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Academy Awards 2016: 22 Youngest Winners and Nominees

The 2016 Academy Awards have fallen under some of their biggest criticism this year not only due to the lack of nominee diversity, but also for the alleged snub of an up-and-coming actor.

Academy Awards: 7 Steps to Winning a Best Picture Oscar

Since we've already covered that part of the Oscars, we thought it would be interesting to answer the question many people, including aspiring filmmakers, what exactly does it take to receive a best picture nomination and win?

Movies with the most Oscar wins

The 88th Academy Awards will be here in less than two weeks so rather than bore you with odds on which films of 2016 will most likely win, we thought we show you which films have won the most Oscars from the beginning of time.

Miley Cyrus ready to lick Christina Aguilera’s button & Chris ready to Rock white Oscars

After having superstars Taylor Swift and Rihanna in the key advisor role, NBC’s The Voice had some big shoes to fill when casting their upcoming season’s advisor.

Oscar’s Diversity Problem reaches further beyond Academy

The lack of diversity in the Academy Award race has been something that's been brought up time and time again over the decades, but nothing ever gets resolved. Back in 2001, the Academy congratulated it profusely for having Halle Berry win for "Monster's Ball" and Sydney Poitier received a special award

Chris Brown Cleared & Iggy Azalea takes on Talib Kweli

Chris Brown was able to avoid another legal issue, Iggy Azalea is now taking on Talib Kweli over a Macklemore song and Chris Rock's 'people' claim the comic isn't changing his Oscar monologue after the boycott issue arose.

What’s the point of an Oscar boycott?

Yesterday, I woke up to a video on Facebook in which I was tagged. One of my good friends shared a message from Jada Pinkett-Smith on her thoughts about #OscarsSoWhite.

‘The Revenant’ & ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Top 2016 Academy Award Nominations

Intense films took the most 2016 Academy Award nominations this morning as "The Revenant" and George Miller's "Mad Max: Fury Road" took the most Oscar slots. "Revenant" director Alejandro Inarritu is following up his 2015 Oscar win with another nomination

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