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Gabrielle Union responds to AGT firing plus Brad Paisley, Ozuna

Gabrielle Union responds to being fired from America's Got Talent, Brad Paisley okay with butt and Ozuna has a message.

Biggest Winners, Losers of 2018-2019 TV Season plus top 100 watched

NBC may have lost both the Super Bowl and Olympics, but they were able to hold on to a strong demographic while CBS won plus Top 100 shows of 2018-2019 season.

NBC adds plenty of comedy to drama for Fall 2019 lineup

NBC is adding a lot of new comedy shows like Sunnyside, Perfect Harmony to join its drama heavy lineup. Full Fall 2019 schedule.

‘Timeless’ Mrs Sherlock Holmes proves why NBC talking Season 3 already

Season 2 of Timeless is already off to a very strong start, and it's understandable why NBC is already talking about Season 3. Marius Marionella compares Timeless with the CW's Supernatural.

‘Timeless’ is back already on track for a season 3 renewal by NBC

Timeless is back with a strong season 2 and NBC already has plans to renew it for season 3 rather than make the mistake of last year with cancelling it only to anger fans.

2018 Winter Olympics: NBC stumbles with its huge investment

Has NBC's nearly $12 billion investment in airing the Olympics proving to be a decision they'll regret as ratings for 2018 Winter Olympics have been less than stellar. Even CBS' Big Brother beat them Friday night.

Megyn Kelly Putin in her time with NBC debut as Fox News rebuilds

As Fox News struggles to rebuild itself, Megyn Kelly comes out strong with Vladimir Putin interview on NBC.

‘Agents of SHIELD’ lives on as ‘Timeless’ reverses NBC’s timeline

It’s been a stellar season so far for Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD and many of its fans love their new split narrative approach to the show. It may have been stellar for the fans who’ve stuck with the show since season 1 but not for the suits who want more out of its ratings

Donald Trump doing ‘Apprentice’ in spare time while running America

While Donald Trump is facing critism for refusing to give up an Executive Producer credit on NBC's "Celebrity Apprentice," but stalwart Kellyanne Conway is defending and pivoting as best she can.

Billy Bush gets a mini vacation from ‘Today’ show

Billy Bush spent the weekend preparing a big apology on Monday's "Today" show, but that was all for naught as an NBC News spokesperson confirmed Sunday that he won't be returning.

Donald Trump feels ‘Apprentice’ blowback as sexism claims hit

For anyone who ever watched "The Apprentice" on NBC, you more than likely noticed how Donald Trump loved to tell the female contestants how beautiful they were if they had that certain body type and look.

NBC gets monopoly on Ryan Lochte’s lies and fall

It's no surprise that NBC, which has the exclusive on the Olympics, was able to monopolize on Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte’s fractious tale of a gunpoint robbery in Rio de Janeiro last Sunday morning.

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