‘Agents of SHIELD’ lives on as ‘Timeless’ reverses NBC’s timeline

It’s been a stellar season so far for Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, and many of its fans love their new split narrative approach to the show. It may have been stellar for the fans who’ve stuck with the show since season 1 but not for the suits who want more out of its ratings. The ratings aren’t stellar, but they’re steady though not as much as the suits are hoping for, thus keeping fans in limbo about the show’s future. Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD has been reported to have a strong possibility for renewal, but the decision’s not final until it’s official. Now it’s official. Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD gets a fifth season!

If you remember, we told you this way back in April so all you doubters about our ‘sources’ can move along now.

Showrunner Marissa Tancharoen finally broke the suspense through Twitter by announcing the show’s renewal. The cast is just as happy as the fans are as they’ve really put a lot of effort on the current season. It’s a Twitter storm for the show’s fans as well as the cast. Reception on the show has been great for reasons detailed on this site especially on the most recent episode.

It would be a shame if the show gets prematurely cancelled after a great season. There’s plenty more stories to tell from Season four’s fallout alone. Mack and Yoyo, for instance, might not make it out of the Framework in the season finale unless there’s enough time for the team to get bearings, get together with Ghost Rider, try to defeat the more powerful Aida and the Superior’s many duplicates and resolve the Darkhold issue.

Now that there’s a new season, hopefully Ghost Rider will still be around; we can go in-depth on Phil and Melinda’s relationship; again, fix Fitz so he and Simmons can finally get together; SHIELD will try to make amends with the US government, and since the directorship is vacant, Daisy can finally take over; though the show could make use of Coby Smoulders as Maria Hill to replace Jason O’Mara. Plus, we’re still waiting for the possible return of Tripp or good guy Ward.

timeless gets another season at nbc

Timeless Runs Out of Time

We’ve discussed the show Timeless before on this site. It’s another creation of Supernatural creator Eric Kripke and The Shield’s Shawn Ryan. It’s a show about time travel where a group of adventurers try to stop a terrorist from messing with the timeline and at the same time thwart the machinations of a shadow organization.

The show is an exciting, dramatic, educational but expensive journey through time where the ratings weren’t enough to justify the means. Unfortunately, after ending in a cliffhanger, the show has been cancelled after the first season. Again, it’s a good show but hasn’t been able to grab attention in the midst of the competition. Yours truly only found time to watch it during the Agents of SHIELD hiatus and has since become a fan. NBC chose to cancel Timeless over Taken, since Taken is less expensive to produce, despite the show’s lower ratings. Going through various eras requires costumes, research, sets and effects. The show is no doubt much better than Time After Time which should have been left alone as that made for TV film I loved in the 80s. Timeless has an 84% fresh score at Rotten Tomatoes, and its fans include William Shatner, Mark Hamill and Leslie Jones who could have easily made guest appearances.

“Odds are long but trying to find a new home.”

Eric Kripke

Well, there still a slim chance. Maybe The CW, Netflix or ABC could take the reins. Time will tell. We’ve been hearing since January that NBC will probably do a ‘Hail Mary’ save with the show, and it was one we truly believed deserved another season.

no surprise powerless gets cancelled at nbc

Powerless Runs Out of Power

Another NBC show to get the axe is DC’s Powerless. The first sitcom to be set in a superhero universe unless you don’t count Adult Swim’s offerings, Drawn Together and Cartoon Network’s Justice Friends (loved this one). The show is powered by Alan Tudyk, Vanessa Hudgens and Christina Kirk.

As discussed previously on this site, Powerless is about a bunch of guys working for a branch of Wayne Enterprises called Wayne Security and thrust into comedic situations while finding solutions to problems involving the superhero community. Unfortunately, despite its cast, the show has consistently suffered a ratings drop per episode prompting NBC to sharpen the axe. NBC took its time officially canceling the show after pulling it out after its last airing on April 20. Three more episodes have yet to air or may be kept from airing by villainous suits.

It’s sad for Powerless and Timeless. The suffix ‘less’ must be bad juju. At least we have Agents of SHIELD back.

We reported back in March that Timeless would be getting a season 2 renewal and after checking with the same sources, they’ve confirmed it will continue living at NBC.

timeless cast gay and happy for nbc season 2


Good news. NBC took back its earlier decision to cancel Timeless and our sources turned out to be right on the money with that scoop.. Co-creator Eric Kripke tweeted that the Timeless team went back in time and changed the timeline to favor the show, but the reversal is most likely due to the intense clamor from the show’s fans against the cancellation. Timeless is at the top of list of shows to be saved in USA Today’s poll, Save Our Shows. Thankfully, the show’s fans won’t need to read fan fiction on how the show should end after the cliffhangers of the season finale. Timeless is expected to resume next year perhaps after filming some of the ten ordered episodes. It seems now that we have another show to follow.