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‘Agents of SHIELD’ lives on as ‘Timeless’ reverses NBC’s timeline

It’s been a stellar season so far for Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD and many of its fans love their new split narrative approach to the show. It may have been stellar for the fans who’ve stuck with the show since season 1 but not for the suits who want more out of its ratings

More Laughs from ‘Powerless’ 102 Wayne Dream Team

Powerless might have potential after all. In our first review, I said the show was good. It got a few chuckles out of this viewer, and if it gives me more than that, we have a really good show.

‘Powerless’ pilot review: Wayne or Lose 101 will probably lose

Vanessa Hudgens is quite a refreshing face especially when she’s not trying to be sexy. She’s sexier now with more clothes on in NBC’s new superhero series Powerless.

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