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‘Timeless’ Mrs Sherlock Holmes proves why NBC talking Season 3 already

Season 2 of Timeless is already off to a very strong start, and it's understandable why NBC is already talking about Season 3. Marius Marionella compares Timeless with the CW's Supernatural.

‘Timeless’ is back already on track for a season 3 renewal by NBC

Timeless is back with a strong season 2 and NBC already has plans to renew it for season 3 rather than make the mistake of last year with cancelling it only to anger fans.

The Power of Fandom – ‘Timeless’ Thanks Its Fans

Timeless cast had a big thank you for fans that helped resurrect the show for Season 3 including Matt Lanter.

2017 Comic-Con: ‘Timeless’ panel on miracle return plus twisty Season 2

NBC's Timeless has been that show that proved fans can help bring back television shows from the brink.

2017 Comic Con: Must See TV Panels plus ‘Westworld’ comes alive

Feeling overwhelmed already at 2017 Comic-Con? Well, here's our list of the TV panels you must absolutely attend, plus the Westworld display you've got to check out.

Nicole Baer talks putting together ‘Supernatural’ and ‘Timeless’ resurrection

Nicole Baer is one of those lovely behind-the-scenes people who work on a show, but never get the kudos they deserve. Nicole is a film editor – she worked on Supernatural for 10 years, and moved over to Timeless

‘Agents of SHIELD’ lives on as ‘Timeless’ reverses NBC’s timeline

It’s been a stellar season so far for Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD and many of its fans love their new split narrative approach to the show. It may have been stellar for the fans who’ve stuck with the show since season 1 but not for the suits who want more out of its ratings

Some ‘Timeless’ thoughts review plus Season 2 renewal news

Time, managed correctly can heap large profits and key to the success of many people. Those that have difficulty with it wish they can change it, go back to a point or just stop it to get all their pending work done.

Mustafa Shakir talks ‘Quarry’ and ‘Timeless’ interview

Mustafa Shakir has appeared in many well-known TV shows, including Law & Order, Numb3rs, NCIS: Los Angeles and Cold Case. He recently appeared as a guest star in the new NBC show Timeless.

Jason ‘Jay’ Bell talks ‘Supernatural’ ‘Timeless’ stunts and ‘Star Trek Beyond’

Jason Bell has appeared on Star Trek Beyond, X-Men: Apocalypse, Arrow, The 100, and yes, even Supernatural. Not as an actor though, no, Jason is more specialized than that: he is a stunt performer.

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