‘Timeless’ Mrs Sherlock Holmes proves why NBC talking Season 3 already

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Timeless Season 2 is turning out to be quite amazing, interesting and fun. It’s easy to see why the network already is talking about renewing it for Season 3 as we reported in April. The aliases the lifeboat team uses just cracks me up. The strained relationship between Wyatt and Lucy amidst his wife Jessica is getting interesting, and Garcia Flynn is just hilarious when he’s not trying to kill his former enemies. And as usual, Timeless continues to be an educational experience as we continuously learn from our past as Rittenhouse continues to undermine it. If you’re not yet a #Clockblockers, then you should be. It seems Eric Kripke got himself another fanbase.

Compared to Supernatural Season 1 and 2, Timeless has its own monster of the week episodes. The monsters in Timeless season 2 are the various nameless sleeper agents that Rittenhouse has planted throughout history. These sleepers are usually out to kill 2nd-tier historical personalities not often found in elementary history books. People like suffragist Alice Paul who influenced President Woodrow Wilson to allow women to vote. The Lifeboat team, this time composed of Lucy, Wyatt, Rufus, and Flynn go back in time to prevent the murder of Alice Paul.

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Alice Paul first gets framed by the sleeper for shooting a senator and gets jailed to prevent her speech. The goal of Rittenhouse is this episode is to prevent woman suffrage. Lucy and Wyatt pretend to be her lawyers while Flynn and Rufus search for the sleeper. These past two episodes really crack me up with their use of aliases. Kind of like how the Winchesters use rock band members as aliases in Supernatural. This time, Lucy uses the name Ally McBeal while Rufus and Flynn use the names John McLane and Hans Gruber respectively. I find myself laughing out loud. In the previous episode The King of the Delta Blues, Lucy used the alias Taylor Swift while Flynn and Connor Mason used the aliases of Justin Timberlake and Lando Calrissian respectively. If you haven’t seen these episodes yet, sorry for the spoiler but I bet you’ll laugh out loud yourself. The King of the Delta Blues, by the way, has that Supernatural flavor. The only thing lacking in that episode was the appearance of a crossroads demon like Crowley to make a deal with blues musician Robert Johnson. That was another fun episode where former billionaire Connor Mason got to experience his time machine for the first time, change/repair history and regain his self-worth.

Anyway, the humor in these episodes have been great so far. Both Timeless and Supernatural seem to have that real Kripke feel, making it seem that the producer really calls the shots, well he does. Probably the same way Star Trek’s Gene Roddenberry hacks away at his scriptwriters’ stories. The action and the tension in this episode was really handled well, even with two subplots to deal with like Jiya’s visions and Rufus’ reactions and the romantic tension between Lucy and Wyatt.

The historic star of this episode aside from Alice Paul, who unfortunately inexplicably died in police custody is detective Grace Humiston, who is depicted as someone very similar to Sherlock Holmes, which she was, as she helped solve many cold cases through her detective skills. It was a coincidence that Grace was present during the event so Lucy sought her help to free Alice so she could make her speech. While looking for the sleeper, Rufus and Flynn meet Emma who surprisingly offers her help as she has a personal motive for sabotaging Rittenhouse’s plan and allowing women’s suffrage to push through. Rufus meanwhile seems to take advantage of Jiya’s vision and declares himself invincible as the current mission didn’t have anything to do with Jiya’s vision. It’s similar to Agents of SHIELD where Yo-yo and Simmons declare themselves invincible since they both make it to the future.

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Since Alice Paul died, Lucy decides to perform the speech but was waylaid by the sleeper. Lucy is saved with Grace and Emma’s help while Grace, formerly apathetic of the suffrage movement performs the speech herself, influencing the president. History basically corrected itself. I think there’s some sort of theory there where some event is really supposed to happen despite the changing of players or than an important influencer has to exist. Or that fate or destiny are proven concepts much like what happened in the episode The Kennedy Curse which is also a good one. If you haven’t seen Timeless yet, start binging. Season 1 may seem slow but Season 2 really picks up. No wonder we’re already getting a Season 3.

At the end of the episode, Jiya and Rufus work things out while Lucy and Wyatt try to make peace with their situation and focus on their mission. While at the background, Flynn continues to makes himself an important asset to the team, and maybe the most fun.