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The Olympics only come around every four years, but we cover them extensively when they hit.

Will Olympics change surfing and equal pay for women? Stephanie Gilmore...

Australian surfer Stephanie GIlmore isn't so much focuses on landing Gold at the next Olympics, her bigger goal is landing equality for women's pay in the male dominated sport.

2018 Winter Olympics: NBC stumbles with its huge investment

Has NBC's nearly $12 billion investment in airing the Olympics proving to be a decision they'll regret as ratings for 2018 Winter Olympics have been less than stellar. Even CBS' Big Brother beat them Friday night.

LA Summer Olympics 2028 still up in the air

CNN may have jumped the gun on the Summer Olympics heading to Los Angeles in 2028. They reported that the city had struck a deal with the International Olympic Committee to host the games

No 3-on-3 action for LeBron James at 2020 Tokyo Olympics

LeBron James Unlikely to Participate in New 3-on-3 Basketball in Tokyo Olympics in 2020

Usain Bolt loses gold medal after failed drug test

It's one thing to lose an Olympic gold medal due to failing a drug test, but Usain Bolt lost one due to his Jamaican teammate Nesta Carter. Carter apparently tested positive for methylhexaneamine

2016 Sports – Nick Kyrgios, Grayson Allen, Ryan Lochte on All-Losers...

The following are my selections for my 2016 Sports All-Losers Team. When selecting players for the team, I definitely focus on the frivolous and try to keep things on the lighter side.

Ryan Lochte officially banned through 2017 with major money loss

As we reported Thursday, Ryan Lochte felt his punishment come down from the US Olympic Committee. The swimmer will forfeit $100,000 and a chance to swim at next year's world championships as part of the penalty

Ryan Lochte Suspended ten months for Rio Olympics story

It took a few weeks, but it looks like the US Olympic Committee has agreed upon a punichsment for the mess created by Ryan Lochte at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Ryan Lochte charged after landing new sponsor

Just when Ryan Lochte was getting good news about a new sponsor, the Brazilian police moved forward and have charged the American swimmer Ryan Lochte with filing a false robbery report

Ryan Lochte thankful for ‘Dancing with the Stars’ money

When Ryan Lochte lost all of his major sponsors Monday after his disastrous Matt Lauer interview, everyone was saying that the Olympic swimmer just needed to lay low and stay out of the spotlight.

The Pseudo Sports are over: Low points from Rio Olympics

The 2016 Olympics in Rio are over and as they go so goes the glorification of so many pseudo-sports. We didn't need to find out who the best trampoliner was in the world, we didn't need to find out who walks the fastest

Stephen Colbert takes on Ryan Lochte interview

Stephen Colbert reinterpreted that Matt Lauer Ryan Lochte interview into the way most of us saw it; a very bad public relations move that wound up helping the Olympic swimmer lose all of his major sponsors.