2016 Rio Olympics - Is Usain Bolt Smart sports images

2016 Rio Olympics – Is Usain Bolt Smart?

Usain Bolt is the fastest man on the planet, but is he smart? One characteristic of Bolt's that isn't debatable is that, with all his gold medals, he sure is arrogant.
ryan lochte cant get anyone to back up his robbery story 2016 images

Ryan Lochte can’t get anyone to support his robbery story

Ryan Lochte has learned the hard way that the only way for a lie to survive is to have the cooperation of many people. That's what makes lies so hard to get away with as there's so much work involved.
Will 'White Male Privilege' fail Ryan Lochte this time 2016 images

Will ‘White Male Privilege’ fail Ryan Lochte this time?

Privilege. It is something that I speak on a lot because I am ever amazed by a) how powerful it is and b) how many people deny that it exists. Of course, the main opponents are those who benefit from it the most.
Lessons Learned from Ryan Lochte Mess by everyone except him 2016 images

Lessons Learned from Ryan Lochte Mess by everyone except him

What’s the number one lesson we’ve learned from the U.S. Swim Team Ryan Lochte debacle? Don’t break stuff. Follow that one rule and all you athletes, amateur and pro, can pretty much do what you want.
nbc gets monopoly on ryan lochtes lies and fall 2016 images

NBC gets monopoly on Ryan Lochte’s lies and fall

It's no surprise that NBC, which has the exclusive on the Olympics, was able to monopolize on Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte’s fractious tale of a gunpoint robbery in Rio de Janeiro last Sunday morning.
Sports Imperialism - America's Ignorant Claim Monica Puig's Gold Medal 2016 images

Sports Imperialism – America’s Ignorant Claim Monica Puig’s Gold Medal

Imperialists sure love gold. First Christopher Columbus came looking for it in 1492, he didn't find it, and so he then went about collecting slaves instead. Nowadays rivers and mines have been picked over for the precious metal.
ryan lochte finally apologizes but doesn't admit lying 2016 images

Ryan Lochte finally apologizes but doesn’t admit to lying

Ryan Lochte is already taking his crisis management person's advice at trying to get ahead of the international mess he's created by doing a public apology on his Instagram account.
jack conger and gunnar bentz head home but robbery scandal just beginning 2016 images

Jack Conger and Gunnar Bentz head home but Lochte scandal just beginning

You can bet Jack Conger and Gunnar Bentz are regretting their early Sunday morning outing with Ryan Lochte after they were pulled from their plane twenty-four hours ago by Brazilian authorities.
How Ryan Lochte's robbery fell apart so quickly 2016 images

How Ryan Lochte’s robbery fell apart so quickly

Ryan Lochte has already hired a PR crisis person to deal with the mess that he's made. He claimed that he was afraid of getting into trouble when he was first asked about denying the Rio robbery. Now he's got a truckload of it
Ryan Lochte turns into the 'Ugly American' 2016 images

Ryan Lochte turns into the ‘Ugly American’

As we've been reporting, Ryan Lochte fabricated the story about being robbed in Rio which has basically wiped out his accomplishments at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

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