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INTERVIEW: Jessica Hecht talks ‘Special’ and groundbreaking characters

Actress Jessica Hecht talks her new Netflix show Special about a gay son with cerebral palsy. She also spoke about playing groundbreaking characters as Carol Willick in Friends.

Comic Con 2018 Day 1: RIP ‘The Walking Dead’ Rick Grimes, Thomas Jane’s feet and ‘Clone Wars’

Day one at Comic-Con 2018 didn't really deliver that many big surprises, but we got confirmation that Andrew Lincoln's Rick Grimes would be heading out of the ratings falling The Walking Dead mid-way into season 9. Breaking Bad had a great reunion while Star Wars: The Clone Wars is back.

Comic-Con 2018 Thursday events you MUST catch – Day 1

Ready for Comic-Con 2018? Well here's the list of the events you must not miss on Day 1 Thursday in San Diego. Trust me, these are the hot tickets that are worth fighting for.

5 Best TV Shows Ever

Everyone has their favorite television shows, but we've pulled together 5 shows that changed the landscape of tv forever.

Ranking ‘The Walking Dead’ Glenn’s last words in TV Land

The premiere of The Walking Dead will forever be remembered for the gruesome killings of Abraham, then Glenn as the result of Daryl wanting to get in a meaningless punch on Negan.

‘Better Call Saul’ 210 Don’t Klick and Chuck’s Con for Jimmy

Maybe "Better Call Saul's" Chuck just forgot that his dying mother had called out for Jimmy with her last breath. Probably slipped his mind in a time of great despair. Or....Chuck is just as rotten as he appears.

Top 5 Binge Worthy Shows For Summer

The sweltering summer time is fast approaching and with temperatures expected to soar, everyday can’t be fun in the sun. Some days you’ll just want to go inside with a cold drink and cool off.

BETTER CALL SAUL Marco Ep 110 Recap: Jimmy 2.0 Coming Soon

Bob Odenkirk did what many people thought impossible with Better Call Saul. He has made a spinoff worth “'Breaking Bad” fans' time. His efforts as the slick but flawed Jimmy McGill have kept us all interested in his story during the pre-Heisenberg era.

Better Call Saul Ep 6 Recap: Mike’s Time & Five-O

Get ready for a heavy dose of Mike Ehrmantraut. This week’s installment of Better Call Saul was slap full of the grizzled veteran cop. This is the beauty of this series. Breaking Bad had so many good characters that we only got our beaks wet with many of them.

BETTER CALL SAUL Ep2 Tuco Brings Out His Crazy

AMC played it smart in using "The Walking Dead" to lure viewers over to "Better Call Saul" and they put a second episode on the next night giving us a mini-binge of the "Breaking Bad" prequel.

BETTER CALL SAUL Ep 1 Uno Lives Up To Expectations

The much anticipated premiere of 'Better Call Saul' popped off on Sunday night on AMC. The series gives us the background the story of lawyer Saul Goodman as he came up the ranks before meeting Walter White in 'Breaking Bad'.

MIDNIGHT GAME Has Some Guy Wilson To Give Away

Director A.D. Calvo is on a role after having his last 'House Of Dust' hit, and now his latest highly critical rated 'Midnight Game' is hitting the streets next week

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