MIDNIGHT GAME Has Some Guy Wilson To Give Away

Director A.D. Calvo is on a role after having his last ‘House Of Dust’ hit, and now his latest highly critical rated ‘Midnight Game’ is hitting the streets next week August 12, 2014. You can now get your hands on a free DVD copy of Midnight Game by just following this link. This site always has tons of blu-ray/dvd/box sets giveaways going, and I know since I get to do all the contest giveaways over there. We’ll soon be having them on this site too so you get to really double your chances this fall!

The story is simple with a young teen (Renee Olstead) being left alone by trusting parents. She has a few friends come over, but as these horror films always show, you can never trust one of those friends to not invite a whole bunch of other people, including that one creepy person who stirs all the crap up. We’ve seen this many time in indie horror flicks, but in Director Calvo’s hands, this story really gives some great payoff thrills and scares. It also gives a great overall creepy feel throughout most of the movie which I always love. So many horror films sent to us to review try to be cute and overcomplicate the plot which winds up just going nowhere.

Calvo takes you somewhere, and in the process, reveals many of the teens dreads and fears that have plagued all teens for decades. Rather than play down to them, he elevates these seeming innocuous fears into the dread that we all felt when we were teenagers. Some of you may not remember those years, but I’ve never forgotten, and obviously, neither has Calvo.

Films like ‘Bloody Mary’ and ‘Candyman’ have used the game of doing a ritual that can invoke a dark evil presence, and ‘Midnight Game’ uses this to great effect also. The rules of this game are very simple: Confess your greatest fear, spill a few drops of your own blood on a note card bearing your name, kill the lights, bring out the candles, knock on a wooden door twenty-two times, wait for some freaky shit to go down. There is, of course, a catch: Those who flub any part of the ritual must chill in a circle of salt from the stroke of twelve until 3:33 a.m. or else risk a visit from the Midnight Man, a murky, ghostly figure who brings his victims’ aforementioned phobias to corporeal life.

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[box size=”large” border=”full”]Midnight Game Synopsis:

In this eerie chiller inspired by true events, Olstead stars as a partying teen whose friends decide to perform an ancient pagan ritual found online called ‘The Midnight Game’: Candles are lit. A drop of blood is spilled. Your worst fear is confessed and an entity is summoned. But if the rules are not followed exactly, punishment is promised. Tonight, the game is not being taken seriously. A demonic horror has been unleashed, and now, even daylight cannot stop the nightmares that may destroy them all. Are you ready for the arrival of “The Midnight Man?”

Starring: Guy Wilson, Renee Olstead, Shelby Young, Valentina de Angelis, Spencer Daniels

Directed By: A.D. Calvo

Release Date: August 12, 2014 – dvd[/box]