Most Overrated NFL Players Of 2014

most overrated nfl players 2014 images

If I were an NFL player I certainly would not want to make a list involving overrated players. Making the list does not mean that these players are at some epic level of suck however. It just means they are not quite as good as they are proclaimed to be.

Maybe some of these players are media darlings who make it hard for sports reporters to disparage their play. Brett Favre was a great example of that, as he would get put up there with the all time great QBs because NFL analysts loved the guy. He was very good but not ‘all time great’. This list is full of good players as well, just not as good as they are portrayed.

ben tate most overrated nfl players 2014 images
  1. Ben Tate has been a good backup running back for the Texans. That made him a hot free agent so the Browns gave him a suitcase full of cash. Being the #1 running back will show how good he really is now that he will carry the load, game in and game out.
colin kaepernick most overrated nfl players 2014 images
  1. Colin Kaepernick is a great NFL player but I am not sold on him being a great quarterback just yet. He can run, yes. But that won’t work longterm. And he benefits greatly from QB guru Jim Harbaugh being his coach. Also a top two NFL defense with a terrific running back and line doesn’t hurt.
jay cutler most overrated nfl players 2014 images
  1. Jay Cutler gets hyped up quite a bit for someone who stays hurt and has not won anything in this league. Rex Grossman was the Bears’ QB in their last Super Bowl appearance, so what is Cutler’s excuse?
tony romo most overrated nfl players 2014 images
  1. Tony Romo is not overrated in the regular season or fantasy football. He is awesome on paper. But he has yet to put the Cowboys into playoff promised land, so he must be lacking something. That ‘something’ separates legends from very good players.
julian edelman bulge most overrated nfl players 2014 images
  1. Julian Edelman benefits from having the greatest quarterback of the past twenty years throwing to him. He would be just another guy without Tom Brady.
eli manning most overrated nfl players 2014 images
  1. Eli Manning has to make the list after such a dreadful 2013 season. He threw 27 interceptions last season. I know he has won two Super Bowls, but he appears to be on his way downhill.
eric decker on knees most overrated nfl players 2014 images
  1. Eric Decker really impressed the Jets with his play in Denver. His days of 80 plus catches are over though, now that Mike Vick and Geno Smith will be tossing the ball in his general vicinity.
rob gronkowski bulge most overrated nfl players 2014 images
  1. Rob Gronkowski is a freaky athlete who is a threat each time he steps on the football field. Problem is that he steps on the field less and less. As a bonus he acts a fool off the field. The guy is just not a professional.
mike wallace most overrated nfl players 2014 images
  1. Mike Wallace is very fast, but you would think he was Usain Bolt by the way analysts talk him up. If he were the threat he is proclaimed to be, he would have double digit TDs each year. Good, not great.
robert griffin iii most overrated nfl players 2014 images
  1. Robert Griffin III is not in the same class as Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck. Griffin is fun to watch but he runs too much, gets hit too often, and fumbles on a regular basis. The so-called experts are still in love with him though.
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