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‘Duck Dynasty’ arrest, Chris Matthews fesses up, Dax Shepard surgery plus Jay Cutler

The Duck Dynasty drive by shooter has been arrested, Chris Matthews admits bad behavior, Dax Shepard does self surgery while Jay Cutler goes single and Demi Lovato learns from rehab.

‘Same old Jay’ Cutler already fitting in with Miami Dolphins

Jay Cutler may have left the sports broadcasting booth, but he's still letting the quips fly about his return to the NFL with the Miami Dolphins.

NFL Roundup: Branden Albert wants back on Jaguars, no sideline for Jay Cutler

Anquan Boldin with Buffalo Bills, Jay Cutler set with Dolphins and Jaguars not looking to take back Branden Albert.

Jay Cutler lands $10 million one-year deal with Dolphins

It seems that Jay Cutler is suddenly interested in playing football again. Well, maybe getting paid $10 million plus up to $3 million in incentive for one-year is motivating him.

Jay Cutler goes to FOX Sports and that naked viral pic

Jay Cutler didn’t play the best football of his career with the Chicago Bears, but in the NFL, there’s almost always a team desperate enough to pick up a big-name quarterback (unless your name is Colin Kaepernick).

ESPN proves that Michael and Martellus Bennett don’t care what you think

The Bennett Brothers Hold Nothing Back Jay Cutler, Eli Manning, Other NFL Stars, Advise Emerging Players to Be Themselves

NFL Week 8 Indepth Review

Yes, that is an accurate score. We knew the Saints didn’t have an all world defense, but now it’s obvious that NY has one that’s a little worse than New Orleans.

Fantasy Football Quarterback Sleepers NFL Week 8: Brian Hoyer & Jay Cutler?

Can you believe it’s already Week 8? It seems like just yesterday I was drafting my team, and now we’re more than halfway through the fantasy football season. Life needs to slow down…or at least football season does.

Miami Dolphins Devolution from Marquee Franchise to Jacksonville Jaguars-Esque Organization

Please don’t hate me, Dolphins’ fans. I want to see y’all succeed too. Hell, I’m the biggest Dolphins’ fan in the world two weeks a year. Unfortunately, the organization as a whole has been progressively worse every year.

Chicago Bears Still Suffering from Jay Cutler’s Absolutely Apathetic Attitude

After becoming the latest on a long list of overpaid players, Jay Cutler was absolutely dreadful yet again in 2014. As a result, the Chicago Bears finished 5-11, despite boasting the highest-paid quarterback in the NFL last season.

Top 10 Most Hated Players in NFL 2015

In the NFL there are players that the fans feel they can associate with and those that alienate themselves from even the most loyal of football fans. Where guys like Peyton Manning are consistently voted the most likeable players in the league year after year

2015 NFL Scouting Combine Highs & Lows

As we learned once again this year with the NFL Scouting Combine, it's all about seconds whereas football is all about inches, inside and outside the locker room. This is where the draft and fantasy football players learn who to watch for and some may have their hopes dashed.

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