NFL Winners & Losers Week 12 2015

nfl winners losers week 12 2015 brock osweiler images

nfl winners losers week 12 2015 brock osweiler imagesWeek 12 NFL Winners Losers

Time for another round of winners and losers in the NFL. This time around we have to include Thanksgiving day games which usually suck. That held true for the most part this year, especially for the Cowboys on the holiday game.

Another undefeated team fell thanks to the efforts of upstart quarterback Edward Cullen (Brock Alan Osweiler) leading the Broncos to an SNF overtime win.

nfl week 12 winners losers 2015 imagesAlso, this season may go down as the year of the injury with week after week of bad news from the medical staffs. I even got a paper cut making notes during a 4 pm game. Still, we must carry on no matter how banged up we are here at

NFL Grown Man of the Week: No doubt who owned the grown man award this week. Josh Norman not only shut down Dez Bryant on Thanksgiving Day for all the turkey eating world to see, he also owned the mic afterwards. Norman told the locker room media that Dallas should ask for a $70 million refund from Bryant if that effort was all he had. Where the hell did this corner come from? The kid is making a name for himself on the field and topping that off with some serious smack after he dominates.

NFL Child of the Week: This has to go to the TV networks who insist on doing the ridiculous post-game Thanksgiving Day feast for game MVPs. It’s so painful to watch. Just interview the players like normal and pretend it’s not national “feed your face day.” It’s embarrassing and truly amazing no one in TV land realizes how trite this is. We’ve seen this act. Please move on.

Winner: Cam Newton rolled into Texas and ripped apart the Cowboys. Actually Tony Romo did that himself with three first-half interceptions in the first half. The Carolina defense may be the difference between New England good and Carlina good. Cam even got Phil Sims’ seal of approval for his celebrations. Thanks, Phil! I’m sure Cam has been waiting for that all along.

Loser: Tony Romo came back too soon. By too soon I mean in 2015. The guy could have sat out a couple more weeks but chose to come back to help his team for a shot at the postseason. It was not to be as he again broke his collarbone and is now done for the season.

Winner: Jay Cutler and the Bears have not slinked off into the abyss after a rough start. They handed Green Bay a divisional loss on Thanksgiving which does not help the Packers’ playoff set up with Minnesota winning in Atlanta.

Loser: Dez Bryant who has not performed well this year even when healthy. His latest mediocre game against Carolina just highlighted how little he’s contributed in 2015.

Winner: JJ Watt racked up two sacks as his Texans continued their winning ways with a win over the Saints 24-6. That makes it four in a row for Houston who was considered dead after a 1-4 start. Good things started happening after they shed Ryan Mallett. Coincidence? I think not.

Loser: The Atlanta Falcons should bench Matt Ryan. I realize he’s a better option than his backup. That’s obvious. I just don’t know any other way to wake Ryan up from the funk he finds himself in. He simply stinks.

Winner: Adrian Peterson ran right through the #1 rated Atlanta rushing defense for 158 and two scores. The Vikings stayed with Peterson the entire game as they salted the minutes away, not needing many points to stay ahead of the inept Atlanta offense.

Loser: Chip Kelly let his team get smacked once again. The Eagles gave up 45 points for the second week in a row. Not a positive development in a city known to show hate, even during the Christmas season.

Winner: Jeremy Maclin turned in a dominate performance against Buffalo as he tallied 160 yards and a touchdown. KC took the win 30-22 despite losing superstar linebacker Justin Houston in this one.

Loser: Jeff Fisher appeared frazzled in front of the Rams’ beat writers after his team’s efforts were questioned. St. Louis showed promise with rookie Todd Gurley showing dominance once he got in the mix. Gurley, being the only consistent offensive threat, has been held under 100 yards the past four weeks now.

Winner: The Washington Redskins beat the Giants to take control of the NFC East.

Loser: The NFC East as a whole. It’s so bad; the Cowboys are not mathematically eliminated.

Loser: Miami lost to the Jets to go 0-2 on the year to NY. Miami stands at 4-7, hope long gone from the fire lit early on by interim head coach Dan Campbell.

Winner: Russell Wilson got off against Pittsburgh to the tune of five touchdown throws. He hit Doug Baldwin for three and Jermaine Kearse for a couple on the way to Seattle’s 39-30 win over the Steelers.

Loser: Fantasy owners like myself who figured on Carson Palmer and the Cardinals racking up endless fantasy points against San Francisco. Arizona got the win but a cakewalk it wasn’t.

Winner: Brock Osweiler. Young QBs don’t beat Tom Brady, but Osweiler may be a vampire so these rules don’t apply. Denver got the big win over the Patriots in overtime with a walk-off touchdown by CJ Anderson. The Pats couldn’t move the ball at all with their only overtime possession and are undefeated no more.

Loser: Rob Gronkowski was carted off the field in Denver with a knee injury. The big man was in a lot of pain, but the hit didn’t look terrible like you might see with a player’s foot planted taking a hit. It was more of a glancing blow with Gronk’s leg still in the air. The Pats are hopeful the injury isn’t as serious as it looked from Gronk’s reaction.