‘Keeping Up with the Kardashians’ 1103 Rites of Passage & Tyler Henry Crossover

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Tonight’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians “Rites of Passage,” was all about the family coming together to surprise Kylie Jenner as she graduates high school and Kim dealing with problems regarding her second pregnancy.

The episode begins with Kris finishing up her conversation with Scott Disick. In the previous episode, Kris was having trouble trying to get Scott to commit to his family and put effort into regaining Kourtney’s trust. Tonight, Scott is still frustrated by the situation, even though he was the one who got him into this whole mess. Kris simply tells him, “I want you to be a full-time committed, kick a** dad. They need you. They miss you.” Scott agrees but based on his track record he probably didn’t follow through on this plan for too long.

Afterward, Kris is seen with Kourtney and Khloe, as she tells them that she wants to throw a celebration for Kylie’s high school graduation next week. In addition, she also wants the party to be about Kendall as well since she didn’t get any big celebration when she graduated a year ago. Later, Kris, Khloe, and Kourtney go out for lunch and talk about the event. The two girls ask Kris if she is planning to invite Caitlyn to the graduation party. However, Kris says she doesn’t feel ready for that but also doesn’t want to upset anyone by not inviting her. During the filming of this episode, Kris had not met Caitlyn face-to-face yet and admits she is “scared to death” to do so.

Later in the episode, Khloe explains that she feels a masculine presence in her house and wonders if it could be the spirit of her late father, Robert Kardashian. Khloe invites medium Tyler Henry over to her house to see if he can sense anything. Tyler tells Khloe that he feels that she has a psychic sense to her and isn’t surprise that she feels energies on her own. While at Khloe’s house, Tyler says he smells the scent of a man’s tie. Khloe is in shock, as she explains, “My dad had hundreds of ties, and I always smell his stuff. I have a jacket and his shirts, and I haven’t ever washed them and I always smell them.”

E! is working their cross-over magic with Tyler Henry as he’s got his own reality show starting in January 2016 called appropriately enough, “Hollywood Medium.” Nice plug E!

Meanwhile, Kim Kardashian is off traveling around the country to satisfy her pregnancy cravings. Kim goes to New Orleans with a couple of her friends and lets herself indulge in as much food as she wants, including three desserts in one day.

When Kim returns to Los Angeles, Kris shows concern for Kim’s behavior. However, Kim assures her she is okay and mentions that she’s “way skinnier” and “way healthier” than when she was pregnant with North.

Not long after, Kim decides to take it to a whole other level and jets off to Paris. She claims that she is going there to get fitted for some clothes to wear during her pregnancy. However, the reality star seems more excited for the Parisian cuisine and desserts – specifically cheesecake – than anything else.

After returning from her quick trip to Paris, Kim goes to her doctors with Kourtney because she is experiencing swelling in her fingers and face. At the checkup, her doctor notices there is a bit more fluid than normal in her placenta, and her blood pressure is elevated. Back at home, Kim tells her mom Kris what the doctor observed and adds, “[it either] could mean that I’m having a carb-intolerance, or I have diabetes.” Kris is concerned, as she struggled with gestational diabetes when she was pregnant with Kylie and realizes how serious it can be.

Although Kim tries to play it cool, she admits in the one-on-one confessional, “it is so frustrating that I could possibly have diabetes. I think this is just a wake-up call that things, you know, just might not be going the way that I thought they were, and I need to try and be healthy.” Fortunately, not too long after she gets a call from her doctor who informs her that she does not have diabetes. However, Kim claims that this health scare has really put things into perspective and that she is going to try and eat healthier from here on out.

The episode ends off with the extravagant graduation event. Held in Kris’ backyard, the party includes synchronized swimmers, a giant bouncy castle, and a dance floor, amongst many other things. Some big celebrities show up to the party including Kanye, Alan Thicke, Gigi Hadid, Ryan Seacrest (who hosts the gathering) and Pia Mia.

At the party, Khloe manages to guilt her mom into letting her be part of the festivities, as she didn’t get any sort of party when she graduated years ago. Therefore, Kendall, Kylie, and Khloe all end up in cap and gowns, as they celebrate their achievements.

Next Week on Keeping Up with the Kardashians:

The next episode dives back into the tension between Kris and Caitlyn. It seems to show a lot of what has already been seen on I Am Cait, but this time around it is from Kris’ perspective. It looks like the exes are using their reality TV shows to get their side of the story out there, and I bet E! is more than happy to accommodate this. Meanwhile, Kylie gears up to celebrate her 18th birthday.

You can catch the new episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians next Sunday, December 6th.