Chrissy Teigen taking over for Kim Kardashian & Superhero Jamie Foxx

chrissy teigen taking over for kim kardashian 2016 gossip

superhero jamie foxx 2016 gossipJamie Foxx is not new to being in the headlines, however usually it is about his music, movies or speculated romances. Earlier this week Jamie’s name was all over countless media outlets for a different reason: being a “real life hero.”

On Monday night, 32-year-old Brett Kyle was reportedly driving at a “high rate of speed” when he drove into a drainage ditch in the road. Subsequently, his car collided with the drainage pipe and concrete, causing his car to be engulfed in flames. Unfortunately, Brett was trapped inside the car, as the flames grew more and more intense.

Luckily, Jamie and a friend were nearby and saw the huge accident. Immediately, Jamie sprung to action and grabbed a tool from his car. This enabled him and the other witness to break the car’s window, cut off Brett’s seat belt and free him from the flaming wreck that would have most likely taken his life.

While Brett is undoubtedly lucky to be alive, he was arrested soon after his rescue, as it was determined that he was driving under the influence of alcohol.

Since Brett’s father Brad has come forward to ABC to comment on Jamie and his friend’s heroic actions. Brad stated, “it doesn’t matter to me who it was, or what they do for a living, or whatever. Just the idea that someone would do that is so much more than I can fathom. It’s all tears of joy. He’s got two sisters and a brother, they would’ve lost their brother if it wasn’t for [Jamie Foxx].”

Late on Tuesday (the day after the accident), Jamie took to his Instagram to share a picture of him hugging Brad, Brett’s father. Alongside the image, Jamie modestly captioned, “met the father of the young man last night today. This is all that matters. That a man, a son, a brother’s life was spared last night. God had his arms wrapped around all of us…No heroes…Just happy fathers.”

Jamie Foxx, Instagram post:

jamie foxx saves man 2016 gossipNow that Kim Kardashian had her baby (Saint), it looks as though model Chrissy Teigen is hoping to take over Kim’s pregnancy fashion throne.

In an interview with InStyle Australia, Chrissy revealed that Kim had given her some fashion advice that she is hoping to follow throughout the stages of her pregnancy. Chrissy explained, “[Kim] told me to go stretchy. I always wanted to be the person who showed off the bump because it looks beautiful and I think you should embrace it.”” She went on to say, “Kim does that well and I love seeing that belly of hers and I know Kanye does too. We’re lucky to be with men who find pregnancy sexy. Thank God!”

chrissy teigen taking over for kim kardashian 2016 gossipWhile pregnant for her second time, Kim was known for her stretchy monotone looks that included countless skintight dresses and pencil skirts. From what Chrissy told the magazine, it looks as though she may be headed down the same path. Chrissy admitted, “There’s this one Wolford tube dress that you can fold a million different ways, you can make it a skirt, a this, that. I bought it in every color in small, medium, large, in anticipation of the entire process, so I have, like, 45 of them.”

Similar to Kim and Kanye, soon-to-be parents Chrissy and John [Legend] are also having some difficulties coming up with a name. Chrissy confessed, “we change the name every day, basically.” Fortunately, they still have a few more months to narrow down their first child’s name and with a last name like “Legend” they definitely have a head start.