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Top 10 Can’t Miss Upcoming 2014 NFL Games

Top 10 Can’t Miss Upcoming 2014 NFL Games

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There are some weeks when you can flip around channels, watch NFL Red Zone only, or just record a couple games to watch in condensed fashion later. Then there are NFL games that demand you sit down and watch it live in its entirety without distraction. These regular season matchups should be the top games this season. Make sure and keep your schedule open for them. If you need excuses to miss any activity that might interfere with your viewing of these ten games, let me know. I have a list a mile long.

  1. Atlanta hosts New Orleans on the opening Sunday of the NFL season. This game will tell us a lot about Atlanta’s chances of rebounding from last year’s implosion.
  1. Eagles v. Colts in week two on Monday Night Football should be a fun game with plenty of scoring. Will Nick Foles be able to continue his unbelievable passing from 2013? I am sure Andrew Luck will continue his march toward an eventual Super Bowl and the Hall Of Fame. Yes, I’m getting ahead of myself.
  1. Week three features a Super Bowl rematch, although the Super Bowl was hardly even a game. The Seahawks host the Broncos in what will hopefully be a competitive game this go around.
  1. Another installment of Cowboys and Redskins on December 28th could determine the NFC East Champions. Or it could be another letdown for Cowboys fans as their team collapses at the end of another season.
  1. The Packers and Falcons will be the Monday night game in week 14. If both franchises are on track, this game could have home field playoff ramifications.
  1. In week 11, Tom Brady and Andrew Luck will go head to head as the Patriots face the Colts. Indy fans are still not very fond of Mr. Brady, who carved their playoff hearts out many a time.
  1. In week 16 the Patriots will face the Jets. There is no love loss between these two teams. Darrelle Revis has swapped sides from years past, so that will add some intrigue. If Geno Smith is still starting in week 16, the Jets will have had a rough season already.
  1. In week ten, the Saints will play host to San Fran in a game pitting a great defense against a prolific offense. Drew Brees can throw on anyone if given time to get the ball out. The Niners will make that as hard as possible for the future Hall Of Famer.
  1. Thanksgiving usually has some pretty crappy games. But this year the Cowboys and Eagles should make a good showing. If they do not, then you will have another chance for a great game at 8:30 as the 49ers and Seahawks get it on.
  1. Pete Carroll and Jim Harbaugh probably hate each other. Check that, they do hate one another. Their teams collide again in week 15 for what could be the biggest regular season game of the year. 49ers v. Seahawks…..don’t schedule any other activities for that day.

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