‘Midnight Texas’ Season 2 Scoop – Scarier, Sexier and More Sarcastic!

I discovered Midnight Texas last year at Comic-Con when I went to one of the “Experience” installations. I was immediately intrigued by the show’s emphasis on outsiders and how that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I enjoyed Season One, so I was excited to see what Season Two would have to offer.

The panel this year was in a bigger ballroom and was well attended, which always bodes well. The audience was enthusiastic and eager to hear from cast members Francois Arnaud (Manfred), Dylan Bruce (Bobo), Parisa Fitz-Henley (Fiji), Arielle Kebbel (Olivia), Peter Mensah (Lem) and Jason Lewis (Joe) joined by showrunners Nicole Snyder and Eric Charmelo and executive producer David Janollari. We were treated to a sizzle reel of last season and then a glimpse of what’s to come this year – which left me very excited for Season 2!

Nicole Snyder, Eric Charmelo, David Janollari – Midnight Texas Panel

Snyder and Charmelo are new showrunners for Season 2, so fans wanted to know what would be different.

Eric: We wanted to do justice to Season One, so we knew Season Two had to be big. And we wanted to continue to explore the themes of Season One. Midnight is a town built of outcasts and outsiders and people who are marginalized for being different and often persecuted. So what we wanted to propose was, if that which makes you different was a choice and you can change that to assimilate, would you? Or would you choose to stay different because that which makes you different also makes you special?

A provocative question indeed!

There are changes coming to Midnight in Season 2, including a new spa resort – now that should change the character of the town a bit! That also brings a couple of new regulars.

Manfred is suffering from terrible nightmares, which are really a kind of “demon cancer.”

Francois: So he sees himself at night hurting his friends, the people he loves most, and then he wakes up in the morning and isn’t sure if it really happened.

The preview reel was definitely not G rated, so it looks like in addition to the exploration of trauma, there’s going to be a whole lot of hooking up going on, with Lem and Olivia and Bobo and Fiji too. Some of it is rather explicit – and some of it was carried on while the characters are levitating. I’m sure that was fun to film!

Dylan: They’re like really sweet and cute and goo goo eyes for each other, and then Bobo almost dies every second of the day.

Parisa: Something is amiss… and it seems like it’s connected to their connection.

I guess being psychically connected to someone can really wreak havoc with your sex life.

Big changes are coming for Joe too, the resident town angel. In the trailer, we see him encounter a mysterious new character in the middle of a fight.

Jason: Joe’s been hiding from the world, denying who he is. He was born a warrior, a creature of demon destruction, and in comes this hot cowboy who’s all about killin’ demons and there’s something fun and enticing about the guy…

And who is “that guy”?

Eric: He’s a gay demon hunter cowboy. I mean, no, he doesn’t hunt gay demons!

Nicole: It’s Brokeback Midnight.

What that will do to Joe’s happy longterm relationship is something that will no doubt cause drama in Season 2!

Midnight Texas Cast and Producers

The entire cast thanked the fans for helping them get a Season 2, which was considerably delayed.

Arielle: It’s been a long road to Season 2, and it means so much to all of us to be here. You kept asking for it on social media and you didn’t give up on us and here we are and we all know that’s because of you.

After the panel, I headed to the press room. The press room ran very late, and I had back to back appointments, so I was only able to catch a few people to chat a bit more about the new season. I was glad to be able to talk to new showrunners Nicole and Eric, because they were formerly writers on my favorite show in the history of ever, Supernatural. It was nice to see them again and briefly reminisce about drinks and chats back in the day.

Before I could even get my video up and running, they told me they’d brought a lot of what they’d learned from Supernatural to Midnight – especially how powerful it is to combine the scary and suspenseful with the emotional.

Eric: And we’re excited to keep exploring the themes that were set up last season, about this town of misfits and outsiders. If you had a choice, would you choose to not be different and to assimilate? Some will look at their differences as crosses to bear and some as gifts.

The new showrunners will be bringing some changes too.

Nicole: I think what we bring is a little bit of camp, it’s sexier and raunchier, scarier…and a little more sarcastic.

Someone at our table: I like every single one of those adjectives.

Nicole: Did we mention nobody’s wearing clothes?

Me: Why didn’t you bring that to Supernatural???!!!

Nicole and Eric: (in unison) We tried!

Me: Thank you for trying!

They also teased a bit more about Walker, the gay demon hunter cowboy, who has a run in with Joe early on.

Nicole: Walker awakens this instinct in Joe that he’s buried deep for millennia.

Hmmmm. I’m intrigued.

Here’s our complete video chat with Nicole Snyder and Eric Charmelo –

We also got to talk to Jason Lewis about what Season 2 will bring for Joe, especially all about that demon hunter cowboy who’s coming to town.

Jason said he’s excited that they’re getting to explore their characters more deeply this season.

Jason: Joe had a secret Season one, now he’s in a whole new space. He’d denied an aspect of who he is for so long. So that means I get to do stuff!

Me: Are you surprised that you’re going to get some romantic drama as well?

Jason: Not so surprised so much as I think there’s a real decency and honesty there, going toward the identity crisis he’s having. Sometimes when we have a relationship, we overlook the relationship we need to have with ourselves.

At this point Jason got a coy little smile on his face.

jason lewis on joe coming out midnight texas

Jason: So maybe Joe acts out a little bit, maybe…. Yeah, I’m gonna stop there, cuz I think I should.

Me: (silently) That was adorable.

Me: (not silently) What you said makes so much sense though.

Jason said that new cast member Josh Kelly, who plays Walker, has been really fun to work with, and it sounds like we have a lot of sparks flying to look forward to! Jason is also excited about some upcoming fight scenes he has, giving lots of credit to their talented stunt coordinator and the rest of the amazing crew they’re lucky enough to have.

I also asked if they were surprised that they got a Season 2, and Jason said that they were. It’s obvious the cast is tremendously relieved and excited about that.

Jason: I think it’s a really special show. As a fan, it’s something I really relate to – stories that let you know that you’re not alone and there are people who are just like you, and we don’t have to be all the same.

Me: Yeah, like different – and different is okay.

Jason: (smiling) Yeah, different rocks! There’s a lot of hate out in the world right now but I think we’re also seeing some reactionary voices saying that difference does rock, and I love that this story participates in that. All walks of life, come on in!

I think I may have fallen a bit in love with Jason in that moment. This entire cast seems to have those beliefs and be passionate about them.

Check out the rest of our video interview with Jason Lewis here –

I’m intrigued to see what Midnight Texas has in store for us in Season Two, and excited to have Supernatural alums Nicole Snyder and Eric Charmelo at the reins – catch Midnight Texas (premiering Friday, October 26 at 9 pm) on NBC this fall!