5 Best TV Shows Ever

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People will obviously disagree when it comes to any list of the 5 best TV shows ever. People tend to get very passionate about their television shows in the modern world. Many shows have a lot of passionate fan groups today, and all of these different fans will swear that their favored shows are among the best that have ever been created. However, there are certainly plenty of television shows that are so highly regarded that a lot of people will find plenty of like-minded individuals when they list them as the best television shows of all time.

the sopranos best tv hbo shows ever made

The Sopranos is still one of the best shows of all time. In fact, it is one of the shows that more or less created the Peak TV era. This is a show that established the idea that television programs can have a great deal of continuity. Many people have praised the acting and the writing in the series. It still holds up after more than twenty years and really put HBO on the map.

breaking bad best shows every made mttg

Breaking Bad is one of the best shows that has ever been created, and it was instrumental in creating the Peak TV era while putting AMC on the cultural landscape. Some people will say that the Peak TV era began with Breaking Bad, although it is truly more accurate to say that it began in the 1990’s and not the 2000’s. Still, Breaking Bad is a tremendously dark and richly dramatic show that truly captures what it is like in the world of crime that it depicts. It’s also an effective story of a person slowly losing his conscience. Its title has become an idiom in the modern world.

game of thrones ultra bleak violence best shows ever 2017

People will easily put Game of Thrones high on their list when deciding the best television series that were ever created, and it’s hard to argue with that distinction. It is true that some people have criticized the series for being too bleak, and some people have been frustrated by the fact that it seems that most of their favorite characters get killed too early. However, this is still a tremendously entertaining series full of fantasy and intrigue. People will still be watching it for years.

star trek deep space nine best every tv shows 2017

One of the best and most underrated science fiction shows of all time is Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Television historians now view this show as one of the many 1990’s television shows that helped to create the Peak TV era. As a show created right at the end of the twentieth century, it’s easy to see this science fiction show as a meditation on the politics of the twentieth century. For all of its darkness, it still has a sense of hopefulness about it, which is less common in television shows in the modern world.

the wire best tv shows ever

Crime drama series have been everywhere for a while. The Wire is easily one of the best of all of them, if not the best of all of them. People often debate about how to rank the Wire, Breaking Bad, and the Sopranos. Many people would just agree that they all belong on any list of the best television shows of all time.