Top 5 Binge Worthy Shows For Summer

The sweltering summer time is fast approaching and with temperatures expected to soar, everyday can’t be fun in the sun. Some days you’ll just want to go inside with a cold drink and cool off. But what to do? Binge watch of course! Here are 5 shows that are totally binge worthy for those summer days in doors:

orange is the new black season 3 binge worthy shows 2015

Orange in The New Black: I started watching this show purely out of peer pressure because people couldn’t stop talking about how awesome it was. Turns out they were totally right! This female based prison drama is very loosely based on the true story of Piper Chapman who’s in her 30’s living the life of a successful executive when her past catches up with her and she ends up doing time in a women’s prison. The brilliant character development is what makes this Netflix show such an amazing gem. Piper is honestly not the most interesting character! The stories that flow throughout this show are emotional, heart-felt and sometimes heart breaking. Season 3 is starting this summer, but fall in love with these prison ladies from the very beginning.

breaking bad top binge worthy shows 2015

Breaking Bad: Who thought you could fall in love with a science teacher who decided to sell meth in order to help cure his cancer so much? Breaking Bad is another series you can get hooked on from the very first episode. Watching house husband Walter White be seduced by the power of becoming a drug dealer is all kinds of seedy fun. There are plenty twists and turns at the end of every episode to keep you glued to the TV from the first episode to the series finale.

the x files top binge worthy shows summer 2015

X-Files: This series came out in the early 90s when I was a child and was told my parents “hello no” every time I asked to watch it. Now I’m grown, I can watch what I want and it’s awesome! X-Files is referred to as one of the best sci-fi shows of all time and the originally, creepy story lines prove that to be true. With the show being on 9 seasons, it may take you awhile to get through the alien filled adventures but trust me, tons of couch time is worth it.

dexter top binge worthy shows of summer 2015

Dexter: Spend just a few episodes with Dexter and you’ll realize why he’s the world’s favorite serial killer…no really he is! It’s hard not to cheer on a serial killer who just kills other killers, but how dark and twisted will Dexter get? You’ll love every blood drenched episode of this popular 8 season show. There’s plenty of corpses to go around!

black mirror top binge worthy shows of summer 2015

Black Mirror: The buzz about this British “adult Twilight Zoneish” show is spreading like wild fire. It’s an easy binge watch because there are only 6 episodes. In order not spoil any of plot twist filled story lines, all I can say is you’ll be crying at the end of the 6th episode simply because there are no more to lose yourself in. Once you see them, you’ll never forget them.