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Heroes and Zeros: Taraji P. Henson vs Melissa Villaseñor

This week’s hero is a woman who knows how to put bullies in their place. The zero is a comedienne who’s historic achievement has been overshadowed by her own problematic social media posts.

Heroes and Zeros: Reneita Smith vs 50 Cent

The Hero this week is a Baltimore area school bus driver who put her life on the line to save 20 children. The Zero is none other than a rapper who continues to show just who arrogant and messy he is.

Megan Fox can’t quit Brian Austin Green and Lindsay Lohan back for Hollywood

Roughly a year ago, we were reporting that long-time celebrity couple Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green had officially filed for divorce. After over a decade of being together

Ciara doesn’t hearing Future and 50 Cent working off debts

Russell Wilson's upcoming wife Ciara isn't much on hearing her Future, Bethenny Frankel likes a well-rested woman who sleeps her way to big bucks and 50 Cent finally manning up to pay off his bills.

Heroes & Zeros: Bernie Sanders & 50 Cent

This week’s hero is a candidate and state who’s primary results are revealing, and the zero is a rapper who is turning out to be nothing but a fraud.

Kanye West turns to Mark Zuckerberg for some infusion and 50 Cent beef

Kanye West wants some Mark Zuckerberg infusion while Bobby Kristina's estate lawsuit goes on while 50 Cent has another beef worth about that.

Ciera & Russell Wilson can’t get away from Future & Meek Mill takes on 50 Cent now

Even though Ciara has moved on from her former fiancé and baby daddy, Future, fans of the rapper are making it hard for her to really get past her former relationship.

Tasha Smith Released From Marriage Prison & 50 Cent Takes On Rick Ross

Tyler Perry's main actress Tasha Smith has finally gotten out of her long marriage, Steve Harvey will be back for Miss Universe, and 50 Cent is taking Rick Ross to court.

Holly Holm Lost On Beyonce & Tyler vs 50 Cent now

In time for your Thanksgiving stuffing and turkey, Holly Holm might have been the first to bring down UFC champ Ronda Rousey, but she had no idea of who Beyonce was even after meeting her

Glory Johnson Goes Anne Heche Route, 50 Cent Confused & Donald Trump Blowback

WNBA player Glory Jonson seems to be taking a page from Anne Heche's book when she ended it with Ellen Degeneres, 50 Cent is confused about being 'outed' by Viviva A. Fox and Donald Trump rants gets some Republican blowback.

50 Cent Responds To Booty Snatching Soulja Boy

Vivica A. Fox dropped jaws on Bravo's "What What Happens Live" when she suggested that 50 Cent (her ex from 2003) might have a preference for a little more testosterone in his men.

Victor Cruz Group Action Sting & Nick Gordon’s Murder Charges For Bobbi Kristina Brown

Victor Cruz's fiance took his womanizing ways into her own hands, Rick Ross jumped up on 50 Cent and Nick Gordon is getting all the heat for Bobbi Kristina Brown's death.

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