Holly Holm Lost On Beyonce & Tyler vs 50 Cent now

holly holm lost on beyonce 2015 gossip

In time for your Thanksgiving stuffing and turkey, Holly Holm might have been the first to bring down UFC champ Ronda Rousey, but she had no idea of who Beyonce was even after meeting her! Morgan Freeman is in a legal tussle and Tyler the Creator is picking some beef with 50 Cent.

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holly holm lost on beyonce 2015 gossip

Holly Holm Doesn’t Know Who Beyoncé Is?

She may have handed Ronda Rousy the first defeat of her career, but that doesn’t mean she keeps up with pop culture.

Holly Holm, the new UFC champion, while making her appearance rounds, ran into Jay-Z at a Las Vegas view party for the Miguel Cotto-Canelo Alvarez pay-per-view fight. When he introduces her to his wife, holy asks,

“Oh, hi, what is your name?”

According to an interview she had on KRQE in Albuquerque, she told them hose embarrassed she was because come on, everyone knows who the hell Jay Z’s wife is.

“As I’m shaking her hand, I keep thinking to myself: Why did I just say that? Why did I just say that that’s Beyoncé. So then Jay-Z is asking me about the fight, and I can’t even focus on what he’s saying because I just put my foot in my mouth.”

She apologized to Bey who was gracious, and I am not going to give Holy a hard time simply because she was probably nervous and people say crazy things when they are nervous.

Morgan Freeman In Legal Battle Over Step-Granddaughter’s Estate?

Actor Morgan Freeman lost his step-granddaughter E’Dena Hines when she was allegedly killed by her boyfriend, and now, he is fighting to protect her assets from her father.

According to court papers, the 33 year old’s $791,000 estate consisted of the NYC apartment Freeman bought her. He bough it for here with the notion that it would be passed down to her kids and so on or to her mom.

Freeman and his lawyers argue that along with the property, he set up a trust her name that her father Edward Lee Hines would stand to gain as well, but since he and E’Dena didn’t really have a relationship her entire life, he does not want her “deadbeat dad” to get anything. As per court documents:

“…From the time that E’Dena was approximately three and a half years old and until the Thanksgiving before her death, E’Dena met with Edward Lee Hines only one or two times.”

As far as the man accused of killing her Lamar Davenport, he has pleaded not guilty and will appear in court on December 15th.

Porsha Williams and Claudia Jordan Still at Odds; Kenya Misses Her Friend

Ever wondered was became of the strained relationship Porsha Williams and Claudia Jordan had during the 7th season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta now that Jordan is off the show? Well, if you were hoping for it all to be for ratings and the two really are friends, you might as well let that go. They are not.

Andy asked Porsha after the show this week if she still see Claudia Jordan. She answered

“No, I don’t see her actually at all. No, I didn’t see her when she was here, and I don’t see her now.”

Porsha goes on to say that Claudia was fired from Dish Nation per Andy asking her that question, which was really messy of him because we all know that she’s not there anymore. Come on Andy. Everything Porsha said leads us to believe that she is glad the Claudia is gone, but not all RHOA cast members feel the same way.

Kenya believes that Claudia should still be on the show and expressed her feelings about the cast mix-ups when a fan asked her, via Twitter, if she is happy about the cast changes and she replied:

“Absolutely not @claudiajordan was good for our show and I miss her presence #RHOA.”

There are a lot of theories as to why Claudia was released from her contract in the first place, but I guess we will never really know.

Tyler the Creator Disses 50 Cent

During a Rolling Stone interview, the 24-year-old rapper addressed the problem rappers run into when they try to recreate the magic of their successful album. And in explaining what he meant, she threw some shade at 50 Cent.

“We get stuck in nostalgia…  50 Cent was stuck, trying to make the same album three times and now look.”

His comments were a part of his response to criticism of his Cherry Bomb album, which he believes is his best work yet. Apparently fans are not really feeling it but that’s okay because he understands that artists grow and that’s what music is about.

I wonder if 50 Cent will respond to his comments.