Ciera & Russell Wilson can’t get away from Future & Meek Mill takes on 50 Cent now

meek mill takes on 50 cent 2016 gossip

russell wilson cant get away from cieras future 2016 gossip imagesEven though Ciara has moved on from her former fiancé and baby daddy, Future, fans of the rapper are making it hard for her to really get past her former relationship. Back in 2014, Ciara broke off her engagement to Future after he reportedly cheated on her. Since then, the singer has been in a committed relationship with NFL star, Russell Wilson.

Unfortunately, while Ciara seems to be happy with her new man, it doesn’t look like Future fans are ready to let her simply forget their idol. On Saturday, Future dropped his brand-new mixtape titled Purple Reign. In honor of the mixtape, countless fans took to Instagram to flood Ciara and Russell’s pictures with the purple umbrella emoji. Future’s fans plagued the couple’s pages, including posting the emoji on pictures that were from weeks ago.

ciera russell wilson cant get away from their future 2016 gossipThis isn’t the first time that Russell and Ciara have been reminded of Ciara’s ex. During the NFC divisional playoff game, Russell’s team (the Seattle Seahawks) faced off against the Carolina Panthers, who decided to take their own jab at Wilson. Before and during the game, the Panthers opted to blast some of Future’s music in the stadium. In addition, Fox Sports reports that Panthers defensive player Tre Boston was seen doing the dance from Future’s hit song “Where Ya At” during the second quarter of the game.

Although Russell seemed to remain un-phased, the Panthers did end up beating the Seahawks by 7 points. Nonetheless, Russell tried to remain positive, later posting to his Twitter, “Grateful for the opportunity. We will be back. #GoHawks”

Russell Wilson, Twitter post:

meek mill takes on 50 cent 2016 gossipMeanwhile, Nicki Minaj’s troubled man, Meek Mill, has gotten himself into yet another feud.

Last year, Meek got himself into quite a mess when he claimed that Drake didn’t write his own songs. Unfortunately, Meek felt the wrath of Drake’s fandom and even Drake himself. So while that feud has since simmered down, Meek is back at it, but this time with rapper 50 Cent.

On Saturday, Meek dropped a new four-song EP that featured a song called “Gave ‘Em Hope,” that took numerous jabs at 50 Cent. With lyrics like, “I got 50 reasons say you’re taking d*** / and it’s 50 reasons I should kill, n****,” it is no surprise that 50 Cent was quick to respond.

On Instagram, 50 posted a meme of Meek surrounded by the people he has been in feuds with in the past. On top of the picture, there is text that reads, “When you’ve lost every rap battle you’ve ever been in.” Alongside the picture 50 also captioned, “LMAO, you made a big mistake s*** head.” 50 then proceeded to post numerous Instagram pictures mocking the rapper, one of which had a caption reading, “LMAO Hey s*** head, your career is over already you better focus on getting Nikki pregnant so you can at least get child support girl…”

50 Cent, Instagram posts:

50 cent fight beef with meek mill 2016 gossip meek mill vs 50 cent again 2016 gossipNonetheless, Meek has decided to stand by his lyrics and also responded to 50 on Instagram. He posted a long caption that included numerous disses including, “You like 40 on the Internet all day” and “U really miserable and don’t really have friends.”

Meek’s girl Nicki has yet to comment on the unraveling feud. However, considering she stayed out of the whole Meek-Drake situation (for the most part), she will most likely leave this to the boys to hash out as well.