Ciara doesn’t hearing Future and 50 Cent working off debts

50 cent working off debts 2016 gossip

ciara doesn't like to hear future 2016 gossip

Russell Wilson‘s upcoming wife Ciara isn’t much on hearing her Future; Bethenny Frankel likes a well-rested woman who sleeps her way to big bucks and 50 Cent finally manning up to pay off his bills.

Say my Name: Ciara Refuses to Speak Baby Daddy’s Name

In what was a pretty awkward moment, singer Ciara refused to say Future’s name while announcing the Billboard Nominees in the best rap artist category. Yes, it was incredibly petty, but it was also quite amusing. Ludacris, her co-announcer, stepped in to save the day and finished the announcement.

Ciara clearly has a dislike for this man. So much so that she can’t even say his damn name out of her mouth, on live TV for all to see. I wonder if Billboard did that on purpose? You know, using her as an announcer knowing that Future is nominated.

When you look back at their history and consider all the things she has been through with him, I don’t really blame her. Plus, she filled a $15 million defamation and slander lawsuit against him back in February because he has said some messed up shit about her.

While it seems that Ciara clearly wants nothing to do with Future, he has some words of his own about the defamation suit. According to him, there is no way he damaged her reputation because she doesn’t have one.

In his countersuit, he says that her career is washed up and has been for years. Then you want to talk about petty? Per TMZ, Future says although she has a “reasonably large” fan base, her last album flopped, and she hasn’t won any awards in three years.

Well damn, someone is keeping up with current events about his ex.

bethenny frankel wants well rested women for big bucks 2016 gossip

Bethenny Frankel Tells Women Entrepreneurs: “Sleep Their Way to Big Bucks?”

Sometimes, you just need to shut up. I mean, don’t speak, keep quiet walk away from the mic shut up. Over the weekend at Rent The Runway’s and UBS’s Project Entrepreneur, an event for lady business owners, the keynote speaker Bethany Frankel ruffled some feathers with her open albeit misguided take on how to make it in the world of business as a woman.

From telling the audience to sleep with men in exchange for monetary support to saying that she and black women are a like because she too is “loud,” most people were left with a sour taste in their mouths.

Now, while the session wasn’t recorded (how “convenient”) attendees have written about their experiences and of course, expressed their disgust and confusion on social media. @msmarypryor user said,

“For @Bethenny to insist that a young, Black female founder “Find a white guy” to rep her biz is a racial microaggression… #PEIntensive16’s keynote via @Bethenny was offensive and wrong NOT proper for a room full of female founders.”

Another user, @marahml, said,

“To the brave black woman who asked what to do when ppl tell her to get a white man as the face of her org, I’m so sorry for @Bethenny’s answer.”

Everything inside of me want to give Bethenny the benefit of the doubt, like, you know, she meant well. But reading the responses to what she said, I just can’t.

Oh to be a fly on the wall of that green room.

50 cent working off debts 2016 gossip

50 Offers Deal to Pay Off Debts

Never count Fiddy out. It may seem like he’s down for the count but just when you think he’s finished, there emerges a way out of no way; Or at least that how he presents his drama.

You know that bankruptcy situation he’s been dealing with? Well, he and his lawyers have offered to pay his creditors $23 million over the course of five years. It works out to be about 25% less than what he owes but will a judge approve his proposal?

Here’s the thing with 50 Cent- he doesn’t know how to chill. Right after submitting the offer, the dude goes partying with some friends at a strip club. Call me crazy, but I’d find it hard to take his offer seriously as a judge seeing pictures of him throwing money away on half naked women on Instagram.

His unapologetic behavior has gotten him in trouble not too long ago. A judge recently called him into court to explain the stacks of money seen on his social media. 50 said they were props from his STARZ show Power, but given his history and rep, I doubt the validity of that story.