preacher 110 call and a false response 2016 images

‘Preacher’ 110 Call and a False Response

The season one finale of "Preacher" was just as whacky as one could expect after what we’ve witnessed over the past nine episodes.
preacher 109 finish the song plus those ambiguously gay cowboys 2016 images

‘Preacher’ 109 Finish the Song and those ambiguously gay Cowboys

This week's Preacher answers the question of "Ever wake up in the morning and the same bad shit happens over and over?" You head to the same pathetic job, on the same crowded roads, and head home later to watch the same tired TV
preacher 108 el valero aka genesis wants back inside jessie 2016 images

‘Preacher’ 108 El Valero aka Genesis wants back inside Jessie

Well we finally saw what turned "Preacher's" Odin Quincannon into the murderous freak he is today with El Valero. The guy’s infatuation with meat products made him a weirdo before he faced a family tragedy.
preacher gone 2016

‘Preacher’ 107 He’s Gone

“With God all things are possible.” That’s what the leaflet said that Eugene was holding right before he was sent to hell.
preacher 106 sundowner aka they just wont die 2016 images

‘Preacher’ 106 Sundowner aka She just won’t die

If your preacher tells you that you’re going to listen with Sundowner! Jesse Custer’s new power got way out of hand this week
preacher 105 south will rise again recap 2016 images

‘Preacher’ South Will Rise Again Recap aka Shearing those sheep

This week our recap received a blessing from Hank Williams JR, who once sang a song similar to the title of episode five of “Preacher," South Will Rise Again.
preacher 104 monster swamp aka convert to christian 2016 images

‘Preacher’ 104 Monster Swamp aka Convert to Christian

Let us open this week’s sermon on “Preacher” with how not to treat women on Monster Swamp. It’s just poor etiquette to chase half naked females through pastures with paintball guns
'Preacher' 103 Oh, the Possibilities of this show 2016 images

‘Preacher’ 103 Oh, the Possibilities of this show

What are the possibilities of this wild-ass “Preacher” show and The Possibilites? It’s so "out there" it could come off the rails at any point.
preacher 102 see jesse power up

‘Preacher’ 102 See Jesse power up

What I see with this wild new show "Preacher" going forward: Incredible fight scenes on a regular basis, plenty of mysteries to fill up twenty seasons if the ratings do well and religious conversations adding plenty of controversy on a weekly basis.
'Preacher' 101 starts out kicking ass and never lets up 2016 images

‘Preacher’ 101 starts out kicking ass and never lets up

What happens when you mix a wicked comet from the outskirts of space with a preacher doing the Lord's work in an African church? A bloody explosion that ends a service real quick!

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