‘Preacher’ 104 Monster Swamp aka Convert to Christian

preacher 104 monster swamp aka convert to christian 2016 images

'Preacher' 104 Monster Swamp aka Convert to Christian 2016 images

Preacher Season 1 Episode 4 Monster Swamp Recap

Let us open this week’s sermon on “Preacher” with how not to treat women on Monster Swamp. It’s just poor etiquette to chase half naked females through pastures with paintball guns, whorehouse employees or not.

It can lead to real dangerous situations, like having one fall into a sinkhole to her death. A serious situation…..not really, as the guys hunting her thought it pretty damn funny the next day as the young lady’s body was pulled up by a backhoe.

The leader of the evil meat corporation, Odin Quincannon, made a little speech about roughhousing to his guys and that was that.

No one on this show seems to be fazed by the weirdness of everything that goes on.

We’ll put the rest of the whores on the prayer list for this week, so maybe they can get the hell out of this sick little town.

Meanwhile, Jesse is wanting to fill his church up, like back in the day when his old man was running the pulpit and whooping young Jesse for smoking cigs.

How to do that? Offer up a big-ass TV in a raffle. And maybe get the biggest name in town to sit in on a sermon.

While Jesse tries to drum up business at the church, Cassidy is working the heaven sent cowboys at their cheap motel.
Fiore and DeBlanc are clueless how earth works apparently. They think you can order a cheeseburger at any business, diner or not, after seeing a TV ad.

Anyway, Cassidy just wants some drugs, which the cowboys hand over, thinking that will get them to Jesse quicker. It won’t. It only gets Cassidy high inside the whorehouse mentioned earlier.

Sounds fun, right? It looked that way right up until Tulip got pissed about the dead whore in the sink hole. She meant to take some revenge on the guy chasing her but wound up beating Cassidy with a cane by mistake.

That caused him to fall out a window and get a shard of glass in his 118-year-old neck. No need to give Cassidy his last rites. But he would need a trip to the ER.

The weirdo didn’t need a doctor, though. Just a quick trip to the blood bank and a straw. Dude was good as new. And Tulip? Unfazed, though a little confused when she saw him laid out with empty blood bags all around him.

In another Jesse flashback, we see his dad talking to a Quincannon. It could be the father of the Quincannon we see currently on the show or the present day leader of the corporation running the town.

Either way, Jesse’s dad tells the guy to “renounce him.” That doesn’t sound good. Actually, it sounds like this Quincannon needed an exorcism.

Back to the present. Jesse makes a land swap with Quincannon in order to get him to the Sunday service. If he can get this hardened old guy to come to the Lord, Jesse figures the rest of the town will fall in line.

In your church handout, page three, please highlight “The world is turning to shit.”

Jesse was bringing both fire and brimstone on Sunday, with a full house to hear it.

jessie converts to christian on preacher monster swamp

He then spoke his power into Quincannon, who finally said “yes sir” when Jesse asked him to serve God. Jesse got what he wanted, but things could backfire like with the guy who cut out his own heart.

“Serving God,” could mean something totally different to a Q*bert playing, in-briefcase pissing, freak like Quincannon.

The episode wraps up with the cowboys, Fiore and DeBlanc, fearful of the strange old phone ringing. Is it God? Gabriel? Michael? Ally Financial about an overdue car loan?

Whoever it is, the boys are scared to pick up.

As we start the altar call on episode four, let’s be thankful for another week of weird fun on Preacher. This universe is totally different than anything on television right now. And a fun watch.

Sure, there are other supernatural shows out there. But Preacher is really out there!

By the way, the winner of the raffle is Odin Quincannon. Thanks for coming.