‘Preacher’ South Will Rise Again Recap aka Shearing those sheep

preacher 105 south will rise again recap 2016 images

'Preacher' South Will Rise Again Recap aka Shearing those sheep 2016 images

Preacher Season 1 Episode 5 South Will Rise Again Recap

This week our recap received a blessing from Hank Williams JR, who once sang a song similar to the title of episode five of “Preacher,” South Will Rise Again. Hank used to actually have to come up with legit material before the ridiculous MNF money came rolling in.

The open gets us back to the old west flashback in the little oasis of Ratwater. Parents be advised, this is not a kid-friendly spot. It seems that the main industry there is scalps and kids are made to watch violent acts.

Again, not Disneyland of the old days.

preacher angel cowboys south will rise again

Our mysterious cowboy is headed there to get meds for his family. He knows the place is jacked up but has to stay and wait for the medicine. The guy is apparently a hardass who used to do some vicious stuff back in the Civil War.

The Cowboy tries to mind his own business, but can’t stop himself when he hears screaming from some folks he passed earlier on the trail.

So this guy had some kind of superpower to be able to hear cries for help from miles away?

His super hearing didn’t keep him from getting his ass kicked and his horse shot in the head. That led to him returning home on foot with the meds, way late. Like, buzzards eating his dead family late.

The next flashback we see from the cowboy is gonna be bloody. The guy is loading up on ammo and guns on his way to take revenge on those who attacked him.

Our boy Jesse did a lot of community outreach this episode. The guy got really popular after last week’s sermon that supposedly turned the town hardass into a servant of the Almighty.

While Jesse is soaking in the adulation of the town folk, Eugene has his room vandalized with a not so subtle request that he finish the job on himself with the shotgun.

Eugene is not a popular guy for his role in what happened to Coma Girl, Tracy Loach. We don’t yet know what that role entailed.

Since Jesse isn’t into hunting down this Carlos, Tulip figures Cassidy may be more inclined to help her out. He did show her his true nature last week when he slurped up all that blood-bank goodness.

Again, her reaction to him being a vampire is nonchalant, just like every other character who sees something that should be earth shattering.

Donnie is still a problem. The bully, who’s been victimized by the Preacher twice now, is a blubbering mess. His wife even threatens to let a co-worker have a piece of Donnie’s action if he doesn’t man up.

That got him out of the bed, and he eventually told his lady what Jesse did to him in the gas station bathroom.

Donnie is not as dumb as he looks. He’s figured out Jesse’s power. Most folks would assume they had gone crazy if they had the experience Donnie had with a large gun mentally forced into his own mouth.

Next, ole Donnie sees how soft Mr. Quincannon is acting and tells him about his Jesse theory.

I kind of enjoyed Tulip’s story about Jesse busting a cap in a dragon’s head. I’m against animal violence of course. It was just a cool story as she keeps trying to pull Jesse back into her world.

The Preacher is using his power a little recklessly this week. Pride could well come right before the fall.

Forcing Coma Girl’s mom to forgive Eugene is a move that will surely have unintended consequences. Arseface gets a nice hug, but the lady could come completely unglued later.

While Jesse is saving the town, one soulless person at a time, Tulip is busy getting down with Cassidy in the back of her car. Keep it classy folks.

Finally the cowboys, Fiore and DeBlanc are tired of going through their ineffective middle-man Cassidy. So they seek out Jesse directly and tell him they want what’s inside him back.

They see he’s confused about having God inside him. They hint that the spirit inside Jesse is just the opposite.

From the results we’ve witnessed so far from Jesse’s power, I have to side with the heaven sent cowboys. Preacher’s words have directly led to several deaths.

Odin Quincannon’s conversion was anything but a success. How do we know? Well, murdering fellow business people in his office with a scattergun is a good litmus test.

Jesse does not have a handle on his new powers clearly.

Dude needs some kind of manual. I’m guessing the cowboys aren’t willing to guide him since they want to rip his power right out of his body, with a chainsaw if need be.

Tulip can’t help him find his way since she’s obsessed with killing Carlos.

And Cassidy is a drug addicted, accident prone vampire, who hasn’t figured life out even with the benefit of 100 plus years of experience.

So before the altar call on episode five, let’s make sure we lift our good Preacher up in prayer. The good Lord is maybe the only one that can help Jesse keep his power between the lines.