‘Preacher’ 106 Sundowner aka She just won’t die

Preacher Season 1 Episode 6 Sundowner Recap

If your preacher tells you that you’re going to hell….best listen!

Jesse Custer’s new power got way out of hand this week, just when he was getting comfortable telling folks what to do. He was actually getting a little cocky with the power of what he thought was God inside him.

Pride does come before the fall. Just turn to your Bible to Proverbs 16:18 to see for yourself.

As we begin the recap of “Sundowner,” episode six of Preacher, let’s remember to pray for Helen White. She worked over at a local motel and had a mental breakdown after some wild guests left one hell of a mess in room 103.

This week continued with last week’s conversation between Jesse and the cowboy angel tandem of Fiore and DeBlanc. Preacher is told that the force inside him is a “mistake.”

preacher jessie meets with cowboys sundowner

That’s their point of view anyway. They tell Jesse about a war between heaven and hell long ago. In the midst of the fighting, a demon and an angel hooked up and out popped “Genesis,” the spirit now inside Jesse.

These two bumbling agents of God Almighty were the custodians of the spirit. Pretty important gig, so we can only imagine how inept the other angels were who had applied for that job.

The conversation ended when the cowboys needed to beat a soccer mom to death in the parking lot.

This was a bit confusing to Jesse and all us viewers.

It became clear when the lady reanimated after her death. She’s another angel sent to check on the cowboys since they refuse to answer their heavenly phone.

This little altercation led to another brilliant fight scene at the Sundowner Motel. The soccer mom angel showed up to retrieve Genesis and the chaos began.

The three angels died multiple (harmless) deaths, yet Jesse was never killed. Immortality makes one reckless with their unlimited lives apparently, while the mortal Preacher had to be a little safer with his life.

Finally, with the help of Cassidy, Jesse and the Cowboys were able to subdue the female angel. Sure they destroyed the room and caused a mental break for the poor maid who had to clean it all up, but they survived the attack.

It’s easy to see why Jesse doesn’t want to turn over Genesis to Fiore and DeBlanc. After all, they let the spirit get away in the first place.

How much worse of a custodian can Jesse be? Well….

The side stories didn’t get much play this week. Tulip tried to play hardball with Emily, as Tulip is feeling a bit jealous of she and Jesse. But the hardass felt bad about breaking the kid’s art thingy, so the tension eased a bit.

Tulip even offered to babysit for a while. But telling Emily, “I had a kid once,” didn’t inspire much confidence from the single mom.

*By the way, if anyone has information about the continual vandalism of the church sign, please let us know. We don’t intend to punish the offenders. We’d actually like to hire them to write some positive messages out front.

“Don’t have to go home, but you can’t pray here,” is pretty clever, but come on guys!

Eugene’s life got a little better this week, as some of his schoolmates began to accept him. He even got invited out for some after-school fun.

But the kid just doesn’t feel right about all this. And he confronts Jesse before the next Sunday sermon. Arseface wants Preacher to take back what he did, making Mrs. Loach forgive him.

The boy doesn’t want to be forgiven that way.

Jesse isn’t trying to hear that noise. He believes he’s doing the Lord’s work. And the Preacher certainly does not want to hear Eugene tell him that what he did was a sin.

In hindsight, Eugene should have just skipped the Sunday service altogether. Getting sent to hell, literally we assume, is the hallmark of the worst Sunday imaginable.

Jesse let his anger get the best of him, and the power inside him did something terrible to the kid Jesse had really tried to help.

I can’t imagine Eugene is really gone forever. This character’s story is one that could be compelling for several seasons.

But who knows. This show is as unconventional as any I’ve seen.

“Sundowner” concluded with what I thought was a shot of Eugene’s face after being sent to Hades. It was not, and his face is still “intact” hopefully, wherever he is.

The burnt up faces belonged to the poor business folks that were gunned down by Quincannon last week. The pathetic mayor has some ‘splainin to do and using his janky voicemail as an excuse for avoiding the dead folks’  home office is his only play.

That excuse may work just fine. Quincannon is likely an expert at cleaning up messes like this one.

Not to mention that everyone in this show’s universe just accepts every single strange occurrence. A demon / angel love child, dead prostitutes with no repercussions, and vampires are all just accepted as run-of-the-mill happenings.

Join us for next week’s sermon as we will be taking up a love offering for Eugene’s family.