‘Preacher’ 110 Call and a False Response

preacher 110 call and a false response 2016 images

'Preacher' 110 Call and a False Response 2016 images

Preacher Season 1 Episode 10 Call and Response Recap

The season one finale of “Preacher” was just as whacky as one could expect after what we’ve witnessed over the past nine episodes.

We saw a Skype session with “god.” We saw how Texas lawmen deal with uncooperative vampires. And we watched the possible deaths of every character on the show except for a handful that were nowhere near the methane explosion.

preacher tulip gunning down

The open of the finale was a bit of a shock with Donnie and Betsy Schenck helping Jesse out as he avoided the law. Tulip barged in to save her man, breaking the front door with a pink flamingo (of course!). She then damaged the nose of Betsy who popped off with an ill-advised “door’s unlocked bitch,” comment.

preacher spanking for jesus

It turns out that ol’ Donnie found peace when Jesse showed him mercy in that bathroom stall when Preacher could have made the guy eat a bullet. Tulip isn’t about any acts of mercy and wants Jesse to kill Carlos, whom she has locked in the trunk of her hot rod.

While Jesse is debating with his lady over the revenge killing, Cassidy has been found out by Sheriff Root and the vampire is being tortured. The lawman just wants to know where his son is.

preacher cassidy gunshots

Cassidy’s 80-year long rap sheet was a dead giveaway to his nature and eats several bullets before the sheriff releases him.

As for Carlos, he should have been shot. The flashback to the robbery showed why he double crossed Tulip and Jesse. Dude was jealous of their happiness. What a dick!

So he tried to get them caught instead of doing his job. That ended up getting a security guard killed at the hands of Jesse, and Tulip lost her baby.

Yeah….good reasons to want revenge on this Carlos.

Lucky for Carlos, Tulip changes her mind about letting Jesse blow his brains out inside her car. He got to walk away after “only” getting a vicious beatdown that probably left him with brain damage and two torn ACLs.

Now for the big appearance by God.

preacher god phone

After being snuck into the church by Betsy (played by Jamie Anne Allman and was awesome in the finale), Jesse tells Tulip he has no idea what’s gonna happen.

All Tulip knows is that she wants some french fries after the big show, which may have never gotten off the ground without some phone instructions from Betsy.

The church was full, and Quincannon wasted no time telling everyone that Preacher was full of shit. He was wrong.

preacher 110 finale call and response ended with a methane stink bomb 2016 images

The video call did go through, and an explosion of light started the call with “god” appearing at the pulpit in a cartoonish fashion that you might expect from a 70’s comedy film.

It doesn’t take long for Jesse to call “god” out for losing the fight against sin. And the deity did make a baby cry.

The Q&A session got off track in a hurry as one might expect from a bunch of country folk with the chance to speak directly to their creator. The dinosaur questions came in then it was chaos before Quincannon got to ask if his baby girl was in heaven. I guess he didn’t care about the rest of his tribe that was squashed in the ski lift debacle.

The meat mogul was told that his kid was indeed safe and sound in heaven. Then Jesse asked about God’s plan for him. He was told he was to be the shepherd.

preacher call and response god comes to annville

Then “god” told everyone in the church that Preacher had delivered them to him and just like that…. “You’re all saved…even Eugene.”

So that let Jesse know the guy was an imposter. The nose picking was also a clue. And Jesse called him out with Genesis, making the fraud admit that he didn’t know where God was….no one up there did.

The church erupted in fighting after all this, but Jesse and his crew simply went to get those fries Tulip wanted.

Good thing too since the town got blown away in a terrible methane explosion that may have killed every single person in Annville. A missing God caused a lot of trouble. Since the plant engineer figured he’d be in the clear with no Judge watching him with a prostitute, he died with a smile on his face and was unable to stop the disaster.

Other results from a missing God:

– Tracy Loach is smothered by her mom.

– Donnie is too depressed to get with his wife dressed as Dorthy.

– The mascots hang themselves.

– The bus driving creep is murdered by a group of little kids.

– Quincannon molds a child out of ground beef and mourns his kid in his own special way.

So where does this leave “Preacher” for season two?

preacher tuplip learns jakes power of genesis

Jesse is indeed a good shepherd because he intends to find the lost sheep….God himself. And he’s taking Cassidy and Tulip along for the road trip.

That road trip sounds like one helluva good time. Except for the Butcher from Hell that will be chasing them.

The Butcher kills the soccer mom angel as he makes his appearance back on Earth.

preacher 110 finale tulip cassidey driving off

This supernatural gunslinger is a badass that is superb at killing. Either he has special angel killing ability or DeBlanc couldn’t reanimate since he was killed on Hell property.

Season one may have been too insane for some viewers. But for the audience this show was made for, it had to resonate.

Sure the show was whacky, and the universe has no rules. But the bottom line is that “Preacher” is a fresh show with cool characters doing whatever they want.

I’m in for a second season no doubt. How bout y’all?