‘Preacher’ 102 See Jesse power up

What I see with this wild new show “Preacher” going forward:

-Incredible fight scenes on a regular basis.

– Plenty of mysteries to fill up twenty seasons if the ratings do well.

– Religious conversations adding plenty of controversy on a weekly basis.

The opening scene showed a blast from the past. No idea what a drifter with a sick little girl in 1881 has to do with our modern day preacher story, but we’ve got all season to find out.

BTW, Ratwater is a terrible name for any town.

Jesse opens up his first scene baptizing a slew of new believers at his church. Lots of dipping in the water for a super small church. His ex, Tulip, even takes a dip….just to jerk with the preacher man.

As Jesse is dealing with his sinful flock, not the least of which is a potential child molester who happens to drive a school bus, Cassidy has trouble of his own. He’s “dangerously low on drugs” and completely broke. This vampire also got quite a scare with his first encounter with Eugene (Arseface).

preacher 102 see jesses power grow 2016 images

And yes, Cassidy is, in fact, a vampire. Jesse took it as a joke, but dude is who he says he is.

Cassidy’s fight scene in the pilot episode was awesome, yet it got topped this week. The two suited cowboys arrived at the church to rip a spirit out of Jesse with a tin can and a mobile wind up organ. WTF is right.

These cowboys are apparently investigating the strange preacher explosions we saw in the premiere episode.

Their investigation went poorly as they ran into Cassidy who survived a gunshot wound and brutally killed both men. The hymn book to the dome took out one guy, while a chainsaw did the other dude in. Cassidy even managed to clean up the mess before Jesse woke up from his Cassidy cocktail.

This vampire heals himself with blood, and there was plenty of that on the church floor after he took out the suits. Don’t mourn the cowboys though, they seemed just fine at the end of the show as they sit and talk with the sheriff. OK, add them to the supernatural beings list.

Jesse is tortured this entire show by his ex who wants him to help her with her treasure hunt, and by seeing the bus driver pass his way over and over.

preacher dominic cooper jesse drinking

The preacher is helped along by Eugene. Just a couple days removed from his sin washing baptism, doesn’t feel much different. The kid who destroyed his face with a shotgun suicide attempt tells Jesse that maybe God wants “this me.”

In other words, struggling to become a perfect being is maybe not God’s will. Maybe Eugene can do the Lord’s work by being himself.

That would be a lot less pressure for humans.

Jesse’s conversation with Eugene flips on the light bulb. Maybe doing bad things is what God needs Jesse to do. If it’s done for the greater good.

So he heads over to see the disgusting bus driver for a bonus baptism. I figured he might just drown the man in his own bathtub. But the driver was spared after Jesse spoke his will (or God’s) into his mind.

“Forget her,” is what Jesse commanded him to do in regards to the little girl. And that’s just what happened after an explosion of power as Jesse held the man’s head under water.

Next week we’ll see if Jesse has better command of his powers. He tries to help the girl in the coma at the end of this week’s episode by speaking his will into her.

Fixing bad people may be his calling, so we don’t know if he can heal the sick. Or if he can, it may take time to develop that skill. He’s just now learning that he has this supernatural power at all. And there is no handbook to go with it.

At least he has an experienced vampire to mentor him on using such powers.

What could possibly go wrong on “Preacher”?