BALLERS 105 Machete Charge Recap

What do ya know....cell phone cams, cocaine, NFLers and naked women make for blackmail on this weeks episode of "Ballers." Just ask Vernon. Who could have predicted this?

BALLERS 104 Heads Will Roll Recap

I guessed that we might see some major blow back from last week's yacht party on "Ballers." A failed drug test may still be looming for Vernon, but the only one who faced some issues from the party was Charles.

BALLERS 103 Move the Chains aka Hookers & Blow

This week's installment of "Ballers" centered around a corporate event to entice more athletes to come on board with Spencer's financial company. Spence and Joe have to ask permission from their boss to use his beloved yacht.

BALLERS 102: Raise Up Keeping My Interest Up

"Ballers'" lead man Spencer Strassmore had a little more success in this week's episode. Although Dwayne Johnson's character had to put up with more ridiculous behavior from the athletes he is looking to sign, he finally landed a big name in Vernon Littlefield.

BALLERS Ep 101: Dwayne Johnson Gives It Promise

Let me set the scene for the all new HBO series "Ballers." Spencer Strassmore, played by "The Rock", is out to make a name as a financial adviser to NFL ballers. Strassmore is a former player who has a circle of friends still in the game that he needs as clients.