BALLERS 110 Recap: Dwayne Johnson Shows Fans His Assets

ballers dwayne johnson flamingos 2015
Guess what. “Ballers,”Joe is a bit of a hot head. Spencer got to see the office destruction left by his buddy Joe on his way out of the company. It was nasty scene and the workers are just lucky he didn’t take out that frustration on them.

Spencer is concerned, but forgets his anger once he learns he is now promoted. He even has a sassy new assistant. She’s pretty damn good at her job too as we see later on.

The keys to the kingdom from Mr. Anderson are hard to resist, but Spencer is going to do right by Joe, isn’t he?

While Spencer is jacked about his new position and the extra $5 million being pumped into his sports division, he gets some bad news from Jason. Vernon can’t be bothered to sign his new offer from Dallas. If this player can’t see what a huge mistake that is, I have no further use for the man. Fictional character or not.

Well we finally meet a character that is a bigger ass than Ricky…not worse than Reg though. Let’s be clear. Ricky’s dad shows up on the scene acting like he doesn’t want anything from Ricky. That is a lie, I’m guessing. The old man actually wants credit for giving Ricky the hatred needed to make it in the NFL! A boy named Sue type situation.

It turns out Joe freaked the hell out on the office furnishings because Anderson fired him. He still wants Spencer to join him in a new business. Smartly Spence recognizes they don’t have enough money to launch such a venture. Joe says he has enough to put down then they can get the rest via a loan.

Even though Charles thought he sucked it up in his drill time with the Dolphins GM, he did enough to get an offer. The big man is headed back to the pros. No more peddling automobiles and lounging in the A/C.

I don’t care for the toothpick sucking dad of Ricky. I did like him telling his son to “Stop being a baby.” That was good advice for the punk, who by the way tried to do right in this episode. Still no Bella though.

Ricky had a nice line for his pops too with a “Bitch ass coward” blast. I don’t recall a human ever lighting up a cigarette with a damn toothpick already in their mouth. Ricky’s dad is damn oddity.

Spencer’s new assistant earns her keep right away when she keeps Anderson from walking in on Spencer and Tracy Legette. They were going over some papers on his desk…really going over them! Many Dwayne Rock Johnson fans will be delighted to see the man showing off his assets for more than a split second, and you can see he’s called the ‘rock’ for  a reason! Since some advertisers aren’t crazy about seeing any form of nudity on our pages, you can just click this link here to see the Rock in action.
ballers flamingos ricki miami dolphins camel entrance 2015When the Dolphins players arrive at the facility it is a freaking circus. And Ricky Jerret is the carnival barker at large. Kid comes in riding a camel! That’s a step above what T.O. or Chad Johnson ever did…as far as we know anyway.

Spencer had to break Joe’s heart on the new biz idea. That didn’t mean that this duo was done. Spencer gave an epic speech to Anderson, comparing the boss, Spencer, and Joe to the Patriots‘ leadership. The boss man caved and is going to allow Joe back in the company.

Spencer is a good guy that is always looking out for his friends. Not a selfish bone in his body.

Ricky continued his good guy episode, giving up the   #18 jersey to Alonzo. Jerret had already paid for the damn thing too! Maybe the baby is growing up, at least for this week.

Charles Greane put the hammer down on a rookie during practice. I thought the big man might struggle some, but he got after that ass from the jump. Wind sprints may be a different ordeal.
dwayne johnson bulge ballers flamingos recap 2015 imagesThe end of the episode was nice, even with Reggie back on the scene. The lil idgit did act very contrite to Spencer so we’ll see if that continues next season, if Reg’s character is even back on the show.

Vernon got his contract signed and was presented with an $18 million dollar check right before dinner. How would that taste? A single paycheck that is more than most people can make in 16 lifetimes!

I can’t claim to be excited about Ballers season two that is on tap for 2016. Season one just wasn’t solid on a consistent basis. I will give it another shot though. Hard to give up on The Rock. The show runners may get it right eventually. Time will tell, but I will jump ship next year by mid-season if the quality isn’t there on a weekly basis.