LOVE & HIP HOP ATLANTA Reunion: No Umbrellas Needed With This Shade

joseline-nikko-lhhatl-s4-reunion recap 2015 images

love hip hop atlanta cast reunion 2015Oh boy. It’s the “” Reunion and…mmmmmm…. It is something to see.

The host, Niki Parker, directs her first question to Stevie J and Joseline who finally comment on their relationship. From what they tell us on the reunion show, they aren’t together but they aren’t apart. They are both thinking about their pockets so take that for what’s it’s worth.

Their storyline is also the first one to be review and of course Mimi is mentioned. They end up going back and forth about why Mimi met with Joseline in the first place at the beginning of show (she says because her baby daddy said she wanted to apologize) and things get heated between the two women. Mimi says her only problem with Joseline is that she is not a nice person. Which, I agree. She is on some other level shit and I don’t mean that in a good way.

Then there is Joc and his whole screwed up baby mommas/ sugar momma storyline. Nicki references asks him about have eight children and then directs a question to Scrappy (who is in the audience), asking him how he has not had more kids with all the women he has messed with. Erica Dixon quickly chimes in and says because they’ve had abortions, prompting Bambi to tell her to “shut up bitch” which prompts an even bigger argument between that little love triangle there.

Niki brings it back quickly to Joc asking Sina if she and her baby daddy still get it on to which she calmly says that they have never stopped seeing each other. These women are way too ready to fight especially Khadiyah. Joc is painted as a man that just can’t stop dealing with other women, including messy Karlie. Joseline even busts him out about tried to sleep with Karlie at the Love and Hip Hop wedding back in May. Niki asks Sina if she and Joc have slept together since he and Kay Dee have gone exclusive and she says yes, making Khadiyah visibly upset. That must be some REALLY good beef cak for these chicks to keep compromising their dignity like they do.

Next up are Rasheeda and Kirk and their twisted situation. Kirk admits to being wrong about getting the Buckhead “office” and not giving his wife her store. Along with their going back and forth about money, they talk about Ashley Nicole who is also on stage with them. Niki asks her why she didn’t just tell Rasheeda she is gay and she said that since Kirk doesn’t always tell his wife stuff. Well we all know that’s the case.

joseline-nikko-lhhatl-s4-reunion recap 2015 imagesThen there is Nikko and Stevie J and they almost have a jailhouse brawl right on stage. Stevie checks him and while doing so, Joseline reads the hell out of Nikko from the audience and he can’t say anything. Even Deb interjects how wrong he was to bring Mimi’s daughter into the picture and he tells her it’s none of her business. Margo expresses her disgust that people keep calling Nikko gay, in particular because she is gay.

This is also the time for Jessica Dime to have a little bit of time to shine. Her clip consists of all the drama that was her storyline. Joseline actually stays calm while talking to her and they hash out the differences that had on the camera. Of course, Jessica says that she only went there with Joseline because of Karlie telling her tht Joseline dissed her. For some reason, Stevie and Joseline’s sex life comes up and this bitch actually says that she likes the kitty cat more than the “beefcake,” which does not sit well with her husband. At the end of their segment, all three, Joseline, Jessica and Stevie hug it out, which leads me to believe there was never any real beef between them in the first place. It was all to put Jessica Dime on.

One of the interesting things that they incorporated in the reunion show this time around is something called clap-back where the cast gets a chance to respond at things that were said during the “after party” shows throughout the season. So in one of the many this season, Joseline insinuated that she and Mimi have had sex, which Mimi gets a chance to deny. Right when Joseline is about to drop the truth bomb on us, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion show part one is over.

We have to wait until next week to see what the Puerto Rican Princess has to say but you know it’s going to be shocking, crazy and filled with drama.