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FCC Deciding Whose Internet It Will Be

A ruling to decide whose internet it is, will be made by the Federal Communication Commission, FCC. Tom Wheeler the Chairperson of FCC said that the high pitches of modems used by the public and use of noisy modem has made the “information superhighway”.

Google’s Project Zero Now Giving Vendors 90-Day Grace Period

Most vendors know that no matter how hard they try, sometimes their software might have a vulnerability they never foresaw, and in today's world, trying to keep ahead of the hackers can be a round the clock job.

Checking Out Apple’s Latest Software Updates

Updates are exciting and interesting to know and experience. Often times, there is a lot of new stuff to see, other times they are minor yet essential bug fixes and updates, but nonetheless all updates are necessary.

Will Apple Stick With Google Or Take Safe Bet Yahoo?

Apple’s contract with Google as Safari’s default search engine is almost at an end and now the company is at a crossroads whether to renew that contract with Google or try another. Candidates include Microsoft’s Bing and Yahoo!

Best Android Tablets Of 2015

Android tablets have become must have for basially all types of consumers- students, business people, teens, you name it, they've gotta have it. Naturally, to keep this huge base happy, and buying more manufacturers keep introduce new Android tablets that are better than what you have and you will be scum if you don't have this one right now!

Bitcoin Coming Into Its Own

Bitcoin? It’s weird. It’s a trend, it’s a fad, and it’s a financial bubble waiting to pop. It’ll never last. At least that’s what most people who aren’t familiar this new-fangled digital currency would say.

Google Fiber Rolling Out Quicker In US Than Most People Think

Google has planned an internet connection and employ it in Kansas City, Prove and Austin and successfully spreading its services. They have seen successful results of their internet connection this internet connection provides 100 times faster speed

Like Roaches to Intellectual Property, Pirate Bay Rises Again

The Pirate Bay is back. Just this Saturday, after two months in hiatus, the most notorious P2P file sharing site is operating again. The site was finally considered illegal by Swedish authorities after many years in operation and was taken down last December

USB 3.1 Showing Major Improvement Over USB 3.0

USB (Universal Serial Bus) is generally developed to help people to store their data in a device that can be attached to any other PC. USB is in it's third generation and it gives a major advance and change in the Information and Technology world

8 Things in Windows 10 Windows 8 Haters Will Like

Microsoft’s Windows 8 Operating system was fresh, fast and different. It ushered in a new PC category known as hybrids, half tablet/half laptop. However, its being ‘different’ has also earned it the distinction of being the most hated Windows version since Windows Vista and Windows Me

Will Net Neutrality Remain That Way?

Net Neutrality has been a touchy subject in the United States since 2006 when the first attempts to enforce it came out. Net neutrality is a noble concept wherein internet bandwidth is equalized among everyone regardless of content type

Did Xbox fudge numbers to catch up to PS4?

From the time of its launch the Sony PlayStation 4 managed to establish itself as the leader in the industry both in terms of the hype created and the sales that took place. The industry is currently seeing the eighth generation of console cold war