Biggest Tech Disappointments of 2014

2014 biggest technology disappointments

2014 biggest technology disappointments

Every year with 2014 being no exception, we see a lot of new technology introductions and every year, there is a fair share of ups and downs; however, there are some hyped up technology news that really turn out to be far from expectations that turn to into disappointments – the worst kind of technology’s “downs”. Here are 2014’s biggest technology disappointments.

amazon fire phone biggest tech dissapointment 2014 images

Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon’s Fire smartphone was extremely hyped – with Amazon’s popularity, it couldn’t have expected any less. However, the product was anything but. People termed this smartphone as an Amazon advertisement disguised as a smartphone. To put the cherry on top of the cake, the phone was reviewed to have poor battery, a very un-friendly UI, and a high price. The high price, in attempts to sell the phone, was cut down a lot by Amazon but to no use. Currently, Amazon has $83 million worth of Fire Phones that aren’t getting any sales.

assassins creed unity biggest tech disappointment of 2014 images

Assassin’s Creed: Unity

This installment of the famous Assassin’s Creed game created a lot of buzz but ended in gamers’ collective heartbreak. The launch was extremely unsatisfactory and the game was at an equal standing with a lot of glitches, bugs, and errors.

firefox phone biggest tech disappointment of 2014 images

Firefox Phones

Much like Amazon’s Fire Phone turned out to be a disappointment, so did the Firefox Phones. No doubt Firefox is an amazing and popular browser but it was the phone’s OS that took it down. It wasn’t user friendly at all, and didn’t rise up to any of the expectations.

mediatek octacore soc biggest tech disappointment of 2014 images

MediaTek’s Octa-Core SoC

While MediaTek is the manufacturer that released the most octa-core chips for smartphones in 2014, it still did not hit the great target as expected. All phones with this octa-core chip had quick battery drainage, heating up problems, and erratic performance. With expectations from octa-core chips being along the lines of fast and responsive performance and great smartphone use, MediaTek’s octa-core SoC lacked quite behind.

nokia x biggest tech dissapointment of 2014 images

Nokia X

Nokia assumed its smartphone’s lack of popularity came from the Windows platform so it announced an Android-based phone, which managed to get a huge crowd on board with the idea. Unfortunately, people got off board as soon as they got the release; the phone was ordinary at best. Not the worst, but it offered nothing amazing.

smartwatches biggest tech disappointment of 2014 images

Smart Watches

While a few of the smart watches that we received in 2014 have been pretty good as far as expectations go, the overall industry lacked quite a lot. When put in a wide perspective, the smart watches of 2014 offered no amazing innovation, most of them lacked terribly when it came to beautiful appearances, and in short, were a disappointment.

blackberry z3 biggest tech disappointment of 2014 images

BlackBerry Z3

We love BlackBerry and it is capable of making amazing sturdy phones. However, while there were a lot of for-sure expectations of the smartphone, the Z3 didn’t quite rise up to the challenge. BlackBerry hoped to prevail over all the other mid-range phones but didn’t succeed.