Best & Worst Tech Gadgets of 2014

best and worst technology gadets of 2014 collage

best and worst technology gadets of 2014 collage

Technology keeps advancing everyday and 2014 was no exception. We saw many new releases from smart watches to camera and while 2014 went by fast, we managed to catch some technology epic wins and epic fails that it brought out. Here are the best and the worst of 2014’s gadgets.

The Best

google chromecast best gadget of 2014 image

Google Chromecast

Taking the lead is the Google Chromecast that became a huge hit and is delivered at a fairly affordable price. It is a great way to enjoy music and videos online directly on your TV and it functions smoothly.

philips m1bt bluetooth headphones best gadget of 2014 images

Philips M1BT Bluetooth Headphones

Being Philips’ first ever Bluetooth headphones, we did not expect much but the result of the headphones was surprising. Amazing sound quality, great battery life, comfortable wearing sleek design – what’s not to like?

pebble smartwatch best gadget of 2014 images

Pebble Smartwatch

While many people argue that wearable tech is bit tacky, Pebble is, for the most part, decent. It looks like a plain black band on your hand and the screen is sunlight-readable and waterproof which makes it a great outside watch, it has a great battery life, and it is affordable. It is designed for practicality and practicality it serves.

polaroid socialmatic camera hottest gadgets of 2014 images

Polaroid Socialmatic Camera

Old concept, sure. Hippie, definitely. But amazing, it still is. The Socialmatic is Android-based and improves the Polaroid experience with sepia images and print stickers that can be used on the touch screen before the users use the inkless printing system to print their images.

The Worst

typo iphone keyboard case worst gadgets of 2014 images


Typo iPhone Keyboard Case

While this gadget looked to provide efficient functionality for those iPhone owners who dislike Apple’s own touch keyboard, this just got really bad, really fast. First of all, it looks like a rip-off imitation of Blackberry’s keyboard and the second biggest problem being that it makes the sleek iPhone look bulky and tacky.

nametag app worst gadgets of 2014 images

NameTag App

The purpose of this app is to use someone’s picture to get their info out from social media and other sites, so if you catch someone cute, you can take their picture and get their info. The problem here being obvious: it is totally a breach of someone’s privacy, taking someone’s picture in public is weird (and can get you restraining order) and it is borderline stalker-ish. Creepy.

mother tech worst gadgets of 2014 images


Yet another horrible and creepy gadget of 2014 is Mother. Just the name enough is enough to make you cringe. The purpose of Mother is to be a sensor system that can be attached to home items like the fridge to keep track of your eating habits and to prevent you all the same. Talk about annoying. Not to mention it has an annoying creepy face.

ipad stand with bamboo cutting board worst gadgets of 2014 images

iPad Stand with Bamboo Cutting Board

iPad Stand with…a CUTTING BOARD? Seriously, what’s the point of exposing your expensive tablet to risks like knife hits, extreme heat, and water? It is, quite frankly, useless and infuriating. The only use that people will try to make of it is use its bamboo cutting board while attempting to place their recipe book in the space provided for the iPad.