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Windows 10 Unveiled: Our Review

Microsoft recently unveiled Windows 10, a straight jump from Windows 8, skipping over 9 – probably to show how advanced and forward this update is going to be. The unveiling event in San Francisco gave the world a decent idea of what Windows 10 will be like.

Is It the Right Time To Buy A 4K UHD TV?

With the dramatic drop in prices, consumers are left in a confusing dilemma whether to pay for a standard 1080p TV or find some extra funds to invest in a 4K TV.

Can Technology Stay Ahead Of Hackers?

It’s a computer user’s nightmare out there, a security apocalypse. It sounds alarming because it is; especially if you have a credit card and buy stuff online

Sony 4K Bravia vs Samsung Curved UHD TV

Among the various 4k aka UHD televisions that are now flooding the market, the two televisions; Samsung Curved UHD and Sony 4K Bravia have been widely accepted by a great many people all over the world

Will Apple regain its tech edge in 2015 or is it...

Before Apple released the iPhone 6 last September, the world held its breath, hoping for something new and innovative from Cupertino

Future Of Electronics Industry 2015

The electronic industry has been steadily rising in the last twenty years except a few ups and down. Even in the recent years also they have made quite e marked rise in the market

Will Windows 10 Make Windows 8 Haters Happy?

Windows 8 in itself is a good operating system. The core system is faster, more robust, and more secure and has less resource requirements than its predecessors, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7

Downfall Of Google Glass

This past week Google announced that Google Glass was going on hiatus which in any industry means, big giant failure. Not so says the big G, they are just taking them off the market and coming out with a new version next year meaning goodbye Glassholes out there

Sony 4K Keeping Moviegoers Home

The new Sony Bravia 4k television, has, no doubt made several changes among the moviegoers. This television, with its high quality as well as low price

Top 8 Most Anticipated Games Of 2015

The biggest drawback of PS4 and Xbox One last year was that there just weren't enough original title to get excited about. Oddly enough, Nintendo WiiU wound up being the shocker last year

Will 4K TV’s Go Mainstream In 2015?

4K TV, also known as Ultra HD (high definition), is a concept that began in the end of 2012 but it is only now that it has become a concept that is growing in terms of recognition.

2015 Hottest Tech From Las Vegas CES

It has become absolutely necessary to check out the hottest electronics at the Las Vegas International Consumer Electronics Show. This is because you must know what record breaking technology is coming your way