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6 Types of Mobile Apps that have a high demand

Mobile apps have always been high in demand, but with the Coronavirus pandemic, demand has increased even more. Here are the top 6 categories people want.

Uber loses London license as rival Ola moves in

Uber continues getting besieged with bad news as London as cancelled their operating license, eBay sells off StubHub to viagogo.

Uber fails with IPO hype while strike brings drivers together

Uber's IPO failed to live up to the initial hype and closed less than its opening offer.

Elon Musk advances Tesla driverless cars to win autonomy race

Despite setbacks for Tesla, Elon Musk is determined to win the driverless car race for autonomy.

Amazon Echo: Protect yourself from Alexa’s prying ears plus Uber fraud watch

Amazon Echo Alexa has freaked people out after recording a couple's private conversation and emailing it out to a friend so MTTG has got some ways for you to protect your privacy easily. We also are reporting on another Uber fraud people need to be aware of that's growing quickly.

Uber rubs it wrong again. This time in Phillippines

Uber has become a real necessity when it comes to travel and commuting. However, the company tends to rub the authorities of various countries the wrong way

Austin Russell’s Luminar bringing safety to self-driving cars

Austin Russell has only been legal to drive for six years, but at 22, he might be breathing new life into the self-driving car industry by creating a safer navigation system.

Google goes after Uber for self driving theft

Uber is coming under fire from Google owned Waymo, a self-driving car company created under their Alphabet hierarchy. The court battle involved plenty of high-tech intrigue including betrayal, greed and high tech espionage

Donald Trump uniting Americans through protests

There is a lot of ruckus going on in the world right now. America’s foreign relations are all but shot thanks to Donald Trump and it seems like everyday, we run the risk of an attack happening on our soil.

California sends Uber self-driving cars packing

While Uber had planned on moving forward with testing it's self-driving cars on the streets of San Francisco, Calforornia moved ahead pretty quickly to put a stop to that. Uber will now try to test them in Arizona.

Uber self driving cars staying while Twitter downsizes Vine

Uber isn't letting threats keep it's self-driving cars off the streets of San Francisco anytime soon.

Autonomous cars in full swing again

We asked some time ago whether or not self-driving cars were really ready for prime time. Google, Apple and several other car manufacturers have been developing these for some time.

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