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TikTok hopes Donald Trump forgets ban while Apple’s new M1 Macbook Pro revolutionizes

TikTok returns to court to fight Donald Trump's upcoming ban while Apple unveils its M1 Macbook.

Apple’s MacOS future, Patagonia takes a Facebook break

Apple unveiled its new iOS 14 for iPhone along with a new Mac chip. Patagonia joined the groups boycotting Facebook ads.

Apples pulls focus from iPhones to software while Big Tech get Congress probe

Gone are the days of Apple being able to sit back and watch the profits roll in from the iPhone. Sales have been falling...

Apple Watch 4 evolved into better health lifeline

Apple is moving its Watch Series 4 into more medical device territory with an EKG while also be slimmer, lighter and much faster than before.

Apple unveils iPhone XS, XS Max, XR: Which one’s for you?

Apple revealed it's latest line of iPhones on Wednesday with the XS, XS Max and XR, but which one is right for you? We break down the pro and cons of each one as we say goodbye to the iPhone X and headphone jacks.

iPhone X low sales hit Apple while Amazon plan affecting health care companies

Apple feeling the effects of releasing iPhone X so close to iPhone 8 as stocks slide 1 percent, Amazon's Jeff Bezos joins forces with JP Morgan and Warren Buffet which has hurt health care companies shares and a new wireless government 5G system idea not so hot. DOJ and SEC also investigating Apple's slowing older iPhones.

Will Tim Cook’s iPhone X vs iPhone 8 gamble pay off?

Will Tim Cook's biggest gamble yet with Apple's iPhone X vs iPhone 8 campaign pay off? Most insiders think it will kill the iPhone 8 as sales haven't been so great, but long-term results could change their minds.

Apple unveils new hardware, Siri, iMac Pro, iPhone, iPad and Watch

Tim Cook addressed over 5,000 developers that were jam packed into the San Jose Convention Center to share the latest innovations coming from Apple.

Apple’s First Good News of the Year

Pundits can temporarily stop throwing stones at the Apple tree because the company has surprisingly good news. Despite the widespread criticism of removing the 3.55mm headphone jack from the iPhone 7

Tim Cook penalized and FBI deletes Apple iPhone hack details

Apple's 2017 hasn't been off to the best start with Tim Cook taking some of the biggest hits. After Apple decided to pull a New York Times app from China, critics took to social media to say Cook, who has become a privacy and rights advocate

Tim Cook says he’s cooking new Apple Macs

Is morale so bad now at the Mac division that Tim Cook had to reassure them that things are being done about their supposed Mac funk? It’s strange for a company like Apple to have to do so after telling consumers

FBI drops case against Apple after finding another way into iPhone

The FBI has dropped its case against Apple after finding another way into their iPhone via third party. It has been reported that the FBI could have gone this route all along, but they did not want to look weak by not going after Apple first.

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