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ISIS Marks Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg

Not allowing terrorists the use of your site and services can be deadly. No Wonder Tim Cook won’t cooperate with the FBI. Just read the message below.

Apple vs FBI battle continues

Americans are currently divided on whether or not Apple should give in to the FBI’s demands on hacking the iPhone the San Bernardino killer. It’s a question of national security against nationwide privacy rights.

Just One Port With New Macbook?

No Ports! "Do you even see it?" asked Tim Cook when he held up the latest Macbook. I'm reminded of this little story called the Emperor's New Clothes. Not Groove, Clothes.

Apple News Updates: Tim Cook or Tim Crook?

Last 2014, the most prominent earner in Apple is of course, CEO Tim Cook who earned 9.2 million dollars, 1.7 million of which was his actual salary. The remaining 6.7 million is what is called non-equity compensation, a bonus depending on how well Apple performed that year.

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