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Just One Port With New Macbook?

Just One Port With New Macbook?

tim cook introduces apples new macbook with just one port 2015 images

No Ports! “Do you even see it?” asked Tim Cook when he held up the latest Macbook. I’m reminded of this little story called the Emperor’s New Clothes. Not Groove, Clothes. You know, the one where some swindling tailor held up an invisble cloak (which was actually nothing) that only wise people can see. It’s a play on pride because no one wants to be called the fool who can’t see the clothes.

We’re not saying that Tim’s a crook or anything since he actually held a very fine and very thin piece of hardware you could wrap a Subway with. At 13.11 mm at its thickest, holding it at a proper angle will make the audience behind actually squint. Like the Apple Watch it’s introduced with, this ultrabook also comes in gold. Fit for an emperor? Yes. If the emperor hates wires and any other thing that connects to the sides of his devices. Like the diminuitive costume designer of the Incredibles’ abhorrence of capes, Apple now eschews ports that might snag on anything.

new macbook with no ports 2015 images

The new Macbook starts at 1,299 dollars and comes in silver, space gray and gold.It comes with a dual core 1.1GHZ Intel Core M processor, 8GB of RAM, 256GB SSD storage while higher priced versions will come with a 512GB SSD and a 1.2GHZ clocker.

The new Macbook does come with one port. A USB Type C female port that could be used for charging as well. Despite being able to see the product, we might as well be all fools to accept this new Macbook’s absence of ports. Anyway, anyone that can afford the gold version can surely afford wireless storage solutions and other wireless interfaces. This whole portless thing is ahead of its time. Hey, its Apple. It’s insanely great. It just might work.

The New Macbook ships out at April 10.

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