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Rajon Rondo has his say on Ray Allen’s ‘From the Outside’ book

New Orleans Pelicans Rajon Rondo Rips Ray Allen and New Book as Desperate Attempt For Attention

Could Anthony Davis beat out James Harden for NBA MVP?

Draymond Green Thinks New Orleans Pelicans Anthony Davis Can Sneak into MVP Voting

Anthony Davis: Boogie would have gotten Pelicans to NBA Finals

Anthony Davis thinks New Orleans Pelicans needed DeMarcus Boogie Cousins to get them into the 2018 NBA Finals, even with an injury.

Rajon Rondo beef with Isaiah Thomas heats up

Ever since Isaiah Thomas moved to the Los Angeles Lakers fellow Boston Celtics Rajon Rondo has been butting heads with the NBA star.

Anthony Davis not for trade

Pelicans Put Down Anthony Davis Trade Rumors with Celtics

DeMarcus Cousins 18th technical foul seems NBA not hot on him

DeMarcus Cousins Picks Up 18th Technical Foul with Referees, NBA Out to Get Him

Pelicans Acquire DeMarcus Cousins from Kings for a Bag of Chips and a Flat Coca-Cola

I take back everything I’ve said about Dell Demps and the rest of the New Orleans Pelicans front office. I’ve always been critical of them, up through last week, for failing to put an All-Star

Anthony Davis committed to New Orleans Pelicans

Anthony Davis Reaffirms Commitment to New Orleans Pelicans after Russell Westbrook, Lakers Rumors Swirl

Buddy Hield’s pitiful New Orleans Pelicans debut

Oklahoma Star, No. 6 Overall NBA Draft Pick Buddy Hield Pitiful in New Orleans Pelicans Summer League Debut

Pelicans Bryce Dejean-Jones death still shocking NBA

New Orleans Pelicans guard Bryce Dejean-Jones died early Saturday morning in Dallas after sustaining a gunshot wound to the abdomen. He was 23.

New Orleans Saints and Pelicans Tom Benson’s worst legal battle

New Orleans Saints & Pelicans Owner Tom Benson Plans to Leave Daughter, Grandchildren ‘Zero’ as Legal Battle Drones On

Pelicans Anthony Davis has three long years ahead of him

Anthony Davis Has Been Hurt for Three Years, Injury Caps New Orleans Pelicans Disappointing Season

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