Pelicans Anthony Davis has three long years ahead of him

pelicans anthony davis has three long years ahead of him 2016 images

pelicans anthony davis has three long years ahead of him 2016 images

Anthony Davis Has Been Hurt for Three Years, Injury Caps New Orleans Pelicans Disappointing Season

New Orleans Pelicans superstar Anthony Davis left Friday’s matchup against the Portland Trail Blazers early. Things sounded pretty bad when Pels head coach Alvin Gentry revealed that the team was considering shutting down the former No. 1 pick for the rest of the season. Then, the 23-year-old held a press conference after being ruled out for the season, and it turned out it was even worse than imagined.

Apparently Davis has been playing through a partially torn labrum in his left shoulder for the three years. THREE YEARS. THREE.

“They told me it eventually has to happen,” said Davis after announcing that he will undergo surgery to repair his shoulder. “Gradually it’s been getting worse. Something we just got to take care of now.”

So that weird shoulder thing that Davis has been wearing for as long as we can remember was helping hold together a shoulder in much worse shape than anyone could have guessed.

Davis will also be undergoing knee surgery, and he will be out of basketball for about five to six months, missing the Olympics in the Rio this summer.

“It was bothering him here and there, but it was never to the point where—he didn’t sit any games out because of the shoulder,” said Gentry. “I think the situation right now is that this is a perfect time. He has a knee issue, so if you’re gonna take care of the knee issue, you might as well take care of the shoulder one, too. That’s where that is.”

And with the Pelicans out of the playoff picture for all intents and purposes, it’s not a bad time. With Eric Gordon and Tyreke Evans out, Jrue Holiday consistently injured, Ryan Anderson is the only player that seems to be doing anything right now.

The whole team is just a mess, and shutting down Davis was the final piece to a horrible first season under Gentry.

The one bright side for 2016-2017? An Anthony Davis at 100 percent. Now that’s a scary thought.