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Michael Phelps uses ‘Angst’ to put a face on anxiety and depression

Michael Phelps shares his stories of struggling with anxiety and depression the new documentary "Angst" which has some eye-opening statistics showing that over 40 million Americans suffer from this disease.

Michael Phelps Shark Week race, Bill Cosby mistrial and Carrie Fisher

As expected, the jury was unable to come up with a verdict in the Bill Cosby trial so a mistrial has been declared.

Michael Phelps ready to plunge into tech world

Now that's he's officially retired (again), Olympic champion Michael Phelps is ready to start the next phase of his life, and it will be in the world of technology.

Uncle Sam racking up on American Olympic Medals

Not even the best athletes in the world can out maneuver the tax man. Come to find out, ole Uncle Sam cometh for world class Olympic performers just like he goes after the average blue or white collar worker.

Michael Phelps retires with 23rd gold medal at Rio Olympics

Michael Phelps said it before at the London Games that he was retiring, but this time, Phelps and longtime coach Bob Bowman have agreed that this is his final Olympics performance.

Rio Olympics Day 8 Highlights: Last time for Michael Phelps and Andy Murray

Michael Phelps declared on Friday that he was ready to retire (granted that was after he was beaten in the 100m butterfly by Singapore's Joseph Schooling) so the 2016 Rio Olympics may be his final dip

Michael Phelps rewrites history then eclipses it at Rio Olympics

Michael Phelps said before the 2016 Rio Olympics that he had planned on breaking records and he's not only done that, he's also challenging a 2,160 year old record help by the Leonidas of Rhodes.

Rio Olympics Day 7 Highlights: More Michael Phelps gold and Rafael Nadal

Michael Phelps broke history again winning his 22nd gold medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics and he's back for more today as Rafael Nadal take on hometown favorite Thomaz Bellucci of Brazil

Rio Olympics: Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte thirteen year rivalry ends

After the 2012 London Olympics fans were mourning seeing Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte duke it out in the water, but with the 2016 Rio Olympics, the two champion swimmers kept the rivalry alive

Rio Olympics Day 6 Highlights: Final showdown for Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte

Swimming, gymnastics and volleyball are big today as Michael Phelps goes against Ryan Lochte the last time at the 2016 Rio Olympics and American Simone Biles heads for the women's individual.

Michael Phelps brings ancient cupping to Rio Olympics

When Michael Phelps appeared at the 2016 Rio Olympics, he immediately had everyone talking, but it was more than just about his amazing swimming speed. People were concerned that his back, legs and arms were covered with bruises

Michael Phelps continues breaking record with 21st gold medal at Rio Olympics

Michael Phelps let it be known before the 2016 Rio Olympics even began, he was coming to break more records, and he's done nothing but that. The world's most successful Olympian

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