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Kanye West big league expansion and Tyler Posey on depression

Celebrity Gossip: Kanye West, Rihanna, Josh Duggar, Tyler Posey and Kathy Griffin support.

Drake not done with J-Lo but she’s busy balling with A-Rod

While he is no longer in relationship with Jennifer Lopez, Toronto-born rapper Drake is still talking about her – well, singing about her. On Saturday, March 18th, Drake released his highly anticipated album More Life.

Josh Duggar family not so sure of his cure & Amber Rose ‘Free the Nipple’ campaign hits

Oprah's longtime companion Gayle King jumps in to dispel Tyler Perry beef, Josh Duggar's family aren't feeling so safe with his sex rehab and Amber Rose takes on another campaign which is getting some aroused.

2015: The Year that Was and Could Have Been

We are finally at the end of a whirlwind year. A year that gave us countless reasons to scratch our heads and wring our hands. We have cried, we have laughed, we have cursed, we have prayed. 2015 was one hell of a time!

‘Law & Order’ 1707 Patrimonial Burden Duggar Style

On this week's episode of “Law & Order: SVU,” Lane Baker, a young reality TV star and her family went to NYC to celebrate her purity. )This show always makes sure to state that the story is fictional, they aired this on Josh Duggar's birthday.)

Top 10 Biggest Celebrity Gossip Moments Of 2015

Every year, you can count on plenty of celebrity gossip, but there's always those certain stories that clog the media airwaves for much longer than the usual story. Here's the Top 10 biggest celebrity stories of 2015 thus far. I'm sure there'll be some doozies coming before 2016 hits though.

Ashley Madison Hack Forces Josh Duggar & Others To Face the Music

Ashley Madison has become a household name thanks to hackers who leaked the personal information of its members. Marketed as a place for married people to get “your knocks off,” it is a kind of delicious playground of forbidden fruit.

Christian YouTube Star Found Salvation In Ashley Madison

Josh Duggar wasn’t the only celebrity to be caught using Ashley Madison, a cheating site designed to connect people up to have affairs.

Amber Heard Dog Days & Daniel Radcliffe’s Nylon Prank: Celebrity Gossip Weekly

Daniel Radcliffe recently participated in a hidden camera prank that had him working as a secretary at the offices of Nylon Magazine in NYC. During the filming of the prank Daniel was visited by Joe Jonas, who jokingly told him he made a terrible secretary.

Taylor Swift Refriends Nicki Minaj & More Bobbi Kristina Mystery

Well it’s Friday people and rumor mill is steady turning with Kelly Price's divorce, Taylor Swift back loving Nicki Minaj and Bobby Kristina Brown's mystery gets even weirder.

Sherri Shepherd Stewed & Josh Duggar Sued: Celebrity Gossip Roundup

Today in our celebrity gossip roundup, we have very sad divorce news with Ben Affleck and Josh Duggar's victim finally will get her day in court. I can only what the Republicans will do to destroy her.

The Strange Entitlement of Josh Duggar’s Family: For the Record

The sad saga that has become the Duggar family of the TLC show “19 Kids and Counting” just keeps on getting worse. It’s like every time I look in social media and news outlets, there is a story surrounding the “details” of exactly what happened when Josh Duggar was 15 years old.

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