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Channing Tatum breakup therapy, Cardi B pregnant plus Brad Pitt MIT connection

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Kristen Bell explains Channing Tatum breakup, Cardi B pregnant, Brad Pitt MIT project, Laura Ingraham returns to Fox News and Jimmy Kimmel calms down Sean Hannity feud.

‘Riverdale’ spins out, Kylie Jenner on Megyn Kelly and Tupac lives

Celebrity Gossip Roundup: Jimmy Kimmel healthcare fight continues, Kylie Jenner on Megyn Kelly miss, Scott Disick on Sofia Richie, Aaron Paul expecting, Fergie's new album on Josh Duhamel.

Bear Grylls happy to be part of Liam Payne’s life plus Jimmy Kimmel

Bear Grylls enjoying namesake of Liam Payne, Brad Pitt single and sober, Jimmy Kimmel effectand wanna live like Sting? Pony up $56 million for his Central Park Pad with amazing pictures.

MMA Weekly: John Lineker tops John Dodson and celebs invest in UFC

MMA Weekly: John Lineker Beats John Dodson, Celebrities Invest in the UFC and Daniel Straus cleared for MMA return.

Kanye West graces Instagram, Terrence Howard Emmy curse and Jimmy Kimmel prep

While Kanye West has definitely made himself known in the Twitterverse (via his infamous Twitter rants), he surprisingly has yet to establish himself on Instagram – until now, that is!

68th Primetime Emmy Awards best moments

Jimmy Kimmel proves that not all award shows are boring, and he definitely brought his A-game to the 68th Primetime Emmy Awards. The night's success can't all be attributed to him as it also relies on winners

Jimmy Kimmel made the Emmys very watchable

Watching awards shows is that thing I dread and would rather suffer through hotbox yoga than sit throught that, but Jimmy Kimmel changed that last night at the 68th Primetime Emmy Awards. He even made Jeb Bush seem current.

Kris Jenner making Prius driver nervous and Britney’s Back again

Anyone who has tussled with the Kardashian clan know it's an uphill battle, and the driver of the Prius that encountered Kris Jenner's Rolls Royce knows he needs a top lawyer to deal with her.

Jimmy Kimmel’s daughter makes tv history and Beyonce Jay Z Missing wedding ring Becky mystery continues

Jimmy Kimmel’s daughter Jane has just become the youngest person in television history to ever “host” a late night talk show. In honor of “Take Your Kid to Work Day” on Thursday, Jimmy shared a playful image of his daughter taking over his hosting duties.

Heroes & Zeros: Celine Dion & Jimmy Kimmel

This week’s hero is a singer hit with great tragedy, and the zero is a nighttime talk show host who just doesn’t live up to the hype.

David Beckham Keeps It Sexy & Gavin Rossdale Cheating News

A whole new “NannyGate” scandal has spawned from Gwen Stefani’s divorce from her former husband, Gavin Rossdale. The situation feels very familiar

‘Shark Tank’ 707 Wink Saavy Jimmy Kimmel

The sharks were once again circling their newest batch of prey in tonight’s episode of ABC’s Shark Tank. Season 7 of the hit show continued with business moguls Robert Herjavec, Lori Greiner, Kevin O’Leary, Barbara Corcoran and Mark Cuban looking to invest in the latest up-and-coming companies.

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